“Snow day” + productive & lazy? + delicious elk!

Our “snow day” yesterday consisted of a lot of sleet. That’s about it. We got snow for MAYBE an hour total all day. It was just off and on and I was so bummed. I wanted a big snow! Jake got to come home for lunch, so we ate together. That was really nice! We had our chicken and black bean quesadillas with a little potato salad and tortilla chips on the side.


The second Jake left, Rhea laid by our side door and cried. She’s definitely a Daddy’s girl.


It was so wonderful to sip on coffee and relax with my girls. Lu is trying to slowly steal my electric blanket…


I knocked out 6 loads of laundry, vacuumed, did a little computer work, and FINALLY got a workout in…Rhea tried to help the best way she knows how. It was a super lazy, but productive day. I also watched an entire season of Private Practice…


I accidentally sent Jake some weird shape and he sent this heart back to me. Haha! It made me laugh.


I am still obsessed with this hot air hairbrush. It’s amazing. I have super curly, thick hair. It used to take me FOREVER to dry and straighten my hair. This brush is a game changer. There’s a link embedded in the picture of the hairbrush after these pictures. I love it.


Click the picture if you want to look at this hot air hair brush!

Our dinner last night was delicious. I seared elk steaks on the stove and cooked sweet potato fries in our AirFryer. We also had a salad to go with everything. So dang good. Huge thank you to Mitch, my birth Mom’s man, for always giving us elk for Christmas. It is the best gift!


Lots of family cuddles. Last night, we watched Miss Americana, Taylor Swift’s new documentary that’s out on Netflix. It was super good. If you liked Taylor Swift at any point in her career, you should check it out. I had totally forgotten about the time when Kanye got up on stage when Taylor was getting an award and was a total d-bag. It made me hate him a little bit all over again. The documentary made me want to go back and listen to some of Taylor Swift’s older songs. I used to be obsessed with them.


After the documentary, we crawled into bed. I read my new book a little bit and Jake was researching a couple of things for my car. We are getting ready to put a lift kit and new tires and wheels on her, so it has been fun to look at all those different things.


I didn’t run today since I’m taking the rest of the week off, but Jake got my bike set up on our trainer and I will get a little ride in on that after school. I am looking forward to it! I have missed my bike during these winter months.

Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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