Bike when you can’t run + how we are budgeting + Friday!

We had a data day at school yesterday with some of our teachers, so we had lunch catered in from Honeybaked Ham. It was delicious. Twice a year, we hold these data days with our teachers to go over ALL of the data. We look at MAP test data, other assessment data, attendance data…all that kind of stuff. After we discuss the information, we give teachers an hour or two to work together on their next couple of weeks. Yesterday went really well and I think our next one, which is on Monday with the other half of our teachers, will go really well, too.


How many beverages is too many? Asking for a friend.


After school, I hopped on our trainer. I watched a little bit of Netflix while I rode. This was my first trainer ride with my new bike. It was pretty great!


I had an audience the entire time I rode. Rhea kept getting too close and would get knocked with my foot or pedal. I guess it’s the only way she will learn she can’t get that close to the bike when someone is on it...


I rode for 30 minutes, which felt really good. My foot didn’t bother me at all, so that made me happy. I am hoping to knock out a 60-minute ride on Saturday. It would be nice if I could ride longer, but I have lost my stamina. I don’t think I’ve been on my bike since September, so I have some work to do to get back into shape. I definitely would prefer to ride outside, but this is better than nothing! And hey, if I can’t be running, I am glad to be riding! I need to find some workout videos online. I think that will help make the time on the trainer go by a little faster.


I shared in January that Jake and I are trying to budget. We are a month in, so I thought I would share what we are doing. We already changed a few things – we were trying to fit the entire month on one page and it was just too much information. We split it up and will just keep track of one week per page (see picture below for what I mean). I think we are both going to like that a lot more! We are keeping everything in this binder.


This is our weekly sheet. Up at the top, we list all of our monthly expenses. This includes bills and fun money we are allotting ourselves each month. I already have the amounts next to all of those categories, so we just check them off as we pay them. Then, as we spend money each day, we will jot it down in the correct column under the category it fits with. I think we are going to like using this set up a lot. I have really enjoyed our budgeting over the last month. Since I know I have an allotted amount of fun money, I don’t feel guilty when I find something that I want. I think this will definitely help us not waste money and spend it on silly things.


Dinner last night was another elk steak, with sweet potato fries, and a salad. Pretty dang delicious.


I crawled into bed at 7:30 PM to read my book and drink some tea. I have a cold, so I am trying to kick it.


I hollered for Rhea to come and cuddle with me and Lu. Jake sent me this picture of him and Rhea cuddling in the living room. no wonder she didn’t want to come cuddle with me.


They are just the sweetest girls.


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I don’t think we have any major plans this weekend, which I love. I haven’t felt all that great with this cold, so I love the idea of being lazy. I do think we are going to have a date night one night, so I am looking forward to that. I hate missing my Saturday long run, but my foot already feels a lot better with taking some time off, so hopefully I caught it in time. Fingers crossed I can be back to running next week.

Happy Friday, friends!


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