Weekend Wrap-up!

Well, this weekend definitely didn’t pan out how I thought it would. But that’s okay! I literally spent all of Saturday and Sunday in bed. I ate nothing but cereal, some yogurt, and cheese bread. I had very little appetite and just felt super blah. I was thankful I was able to do absolutely nothing and just take time to let my body heal.

Friday morning started with a smoothie and coffee at school. I’ve been adding chocolate milk to my coffee occasionally and it’s the best idea I’ve ever had.


Someone brought donuts and I couldn’t turn down this blueberry cake deliciousness.


Lunch was my last chicken and black bean quesadilla.


I finished up a bunch of work, so during lunch, I took 30 minutes to read for fun. It was nice.


I was starting to feel pretty crummy, so I ran to the store and got some medicine. I couldn’t wait to get home and crawl into bed.


I slept for about 12 hours. I woke up around 8AM and knew immediately I was sick. I felt terrible. I sipped on coffee while watching Netflix in bed. Around lunchtime, I had some cereal. I only left my bed to get water and/or food. Otherwise, the entire day was spent in bed.


Such a good friend. Alex brought me some cider from one of my favorite places in Fayetteville.


I hate being sick. I know no one likes it, but dang, it’s just the worst. I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting my entire weekend.


At least I had the best furry nurses. Lu and Rhea never left my side.



Stay with me – this looks gross, but it was delicious! Nothing sounded good, but I knew I needed to eat a little bit of something with some protein and some veggies. This is 1 cup of plain Greek yogurt, one scoop of protein powder, one scoop of collagen, and one scoop of chocolate daily greens. That’s it! I just put everything into this massive mug and mixed it together. It tasted like ice cream! So good.


Jake gets me. Pizza sounded SO good. Well, garlic cheese bread sounded good…


Lu was taking her nursing duties very seriously.


My man came through! He picked up dinner from The Pitch and it was everything I had wanted.


I loved all the cuddles from our girls.


Thanks for taking care of me this weekend!


I have been living in either pajamas or sweats. I love these jogger jammies. They’re so comfortable. I 100% went to bed Saturday night assuming I’d be healthy on Sunday when I woke up. I spent the ENTIRE day resting in bed. That’s all I needed to cure this, right?


I was so sad Sunday morning when I woke up and wasn’t healthy. I’m not a patient person, which really comes out when I’m sick or injured. I was pretty bummed out and threw myself a little pity party, then realized that another day of rest wasn’t a bad thing. I needed to be thankful that I COULD sit around and do nothing all day while my normally healthy body got back to normal. So, I enjoyed being lazy and getting cuddles with my girls.


I changed out of my jammies into sweats, so that’s about as productive as I got. Ha! I also had a bloody nose, which usually happens when I get sick. I’ve had bloody noses since I was a little girl. I keep thinking I’ll outgrow them, but it hasn’t happened yet.


I seriously survived on Cheerios and cheese bread this weekend. That’s all that sounded good.



I was super thankful that meal prep was easy this week. We are having meatballs with veggie pasta. I made the meatballs really big so I didn’t have to roll as many. Ha! This didn’t take me long at all to cook and put together.



I had cottage cheese and chips for dinner, watched Cheer on Netflix, and went to sleep. I woke up still feeling pretty awful, so this is now day 3 in bed, day 4 of whatever this is. Ugh. I REALLY hope this is my last day feeling this badly. Fingers crossed!

I wanted to share a few of the containers we use for meal prep. I am obsessed with these reusable storage bags. I use these for Jake’s lunches. They come in a variety of sizes and are perfect for his main lunch and a snack. They’re super easy to clean, too. I hand wash them and it takes no time at all. They’re a game changer and save on so much waste. Click on the picture for more information!

I also love these gallon bags. I use them a lot in the freezer for leftovers or to store our frozen bananas for smoothies. If we have spinach that is about to go bad, I will put it in these and then place them in the freezer, too. We use that in our smoothies as well. I love that they don’t take up a ton of room. Also super easy to clean!

Happy Monday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    Noooo … feeling sick is the WORST! I am so so glad that you were able to rest all weekend! I know that when I am not feeling well I have found that taking a long hot shower and putting on fresh clothes really helps me to feel BETTER! Hope you will feel better tomorrow! 😘

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