Boo + just me & my girls + all the carbs!

Today is the best day! I woke up FINALLY feeling a little bit better. I’m still home from work, but I think this will be my last day of feeling so terrible AND I will go back to work tomorrow. Yesterday was filled with more time in bed and all the cuddles.


Something other than cereal finally sounded good, so Jake made smoothies for breakfast. They were pretty delicious.


We finished Cheer on Netflix, which I highly recommend, and then we started You. I usually stay away from anything that is suspenseful or scary, but I am enjoying You so far. We almost finished the first season, but I realized I had been watching it for about eight hours, so I needed to take a break from how dark it is.


Thanks, Garmin. Salt in the wound! Detraining status on my watch. Haha!


I also had my lunch for the week, which is veggie pasta with meatballs. It was delicious. It was weird to eat something other than cereal and cheese bread, but I was proud of myself for venturing outside of my regular food choices for the past few days.


After lunch, we had more Netflix and cuddle time.


Jake got home from work around 6 PM, which was the first time I had gotten out of bed other than to get food or go to the bathroom. I joined him on the couch for dinner. I had made a white chicken chili in the crockpot, but it did not sound good to me, so I went back to cereal. Jake had the soup and said it was pretty good.


I am keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that I am officially on the mend. This sickness was no joke! I am glad I finally got started on some antibiotics. Now to continue resting while also attempting to clean up the disaster that is our house…

Happy Tuesday, friends! 

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