FINALLY + an easy recipe for you + exciting custom gear!

I stayed home from work again Tuesday. I woke up feeling a tiny bit better, but I was still far from feeling healthy. I wasn’t achy anymore, so that was a huge plus. I slept until 9AM, which I couldn’t believe. I’ve been getting a ton of sleep, which I think has helped me heal. Jake made smoothies for us for breakfast, so I sipped on mine once I got up.


I finally had enough energy to wash our bedding, so I did that after breakfast. I want all of these bad germs out of our house. I spent the majority of the day on the couch. I had lunch at some point – veggie pasta and meatballs. Mm.


My sidekicks were never far, especially if food was involved.


Super exciting news! Trail Sisters Springfield custom gear is available! Our store is HERE. Orders are due by Sunday, February 16th. How cool are these items?!


Yesterday was the first day since Friday that I haven’t had cereal as one of my meals. I joined Jake in having the White Chicken Chili last night. YUM. It was super delicious. I topped ours with plain Greek yogurt. Recipe is HERE.


Jake is finally fully recovered from his sickness, so that is good news! I am keeping all of my fingers and toes crossed that I am totally healthy by this weekend. I am ready for a good run!


I have real pants on today! I haven’t worn real clothes since Friday. HA! How much cheetah is too much cheetah? Asking for a friend…I am obsessed with this Loop Case. If you’re interested in one, you can get 10% with the code “trailsandtruckers” – shop HERE!


Back at school today! I feel a lot better, but am just worn out. Fingers crossed for a low key day.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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