Meal prep fun + plant babies + trainer time!

I meal prepped the most delicious chicken salad Sunday afternoon. Cooked chicken breasts, plain Greek yogurt, a little olive oil mayo, chopped up celery, half a chopped up onion, a few handfuls of red grapes, turmeric, garlic powder, onion powder, a little salt, and black pepper. Mix it all together and chow down!


Here are my lunches for the week! I topped everything with Sriracha, too.


We were given a massive Mother in Law’s Tongue plant a few weeks ago. It needed a little bit of love, so we took it apart and kept the healthy pieces. I also gave my Mom some of the healthy pieces, too. We had quite the mess happening in our garage.


New plant babies all ready to grow and be healthy! I used to not be a huge plant fan, but now I am hooked. I love plants and all the beautiful pots they fill. They make me happy!


This lunch is so delicious! I warmed up a roll and topped it with our chicken salad. So. Delicious.


Whoops. I also polished off this massive bag of popcorn…I’m not proud, but I’m also not upset…


I got new clip-in pedals this summer. I have just now gotten around to wearing them, but yesterday was my third time using them and I am hooked! Literally. ; ) I really do like them a lot. There’s definitely a learning curve to figuring them out, but I am excited that I’m getting used to them on my trainer. I’ll be ready to use them outside once the weather improves.


After my ride and a little lifting, I foam rolled, stretched, and did my foot therapies. After all of that, I started on dinner. We had elk burgers with green beans. YUM. I put Jake’s elk patty on a bun and I had mine on a massive pile of spinach.


We are having this dinner again tonight and I am already so excited for it. We won’t have green beans as a side since we ate the entire container last night, but we will have some other veggie. Maybe broccoli? I’m not sure yet. I will just have to see what is in our freezer. I love having fresh veggies, but frozen veggies are a lifesaver. I love that they keep forever and you can just grab them as needed.


We had oatmeal banana chocolate chip muffins for dessert. They are delicious. My recipe for these is HERE. I have already had a couple of people tell me that they made them and they cannot stop eating the muffins. They are dangerous!


Then it was up at 4 AM to meet Alex for some hill repeats. Alex is the one who talked me into doing the War Eagle 50K, so now we need to start training. I am super excited that we will get to train together for this race. I think Jake is going to run it, too. We knocked out 6 miles this morning, with a couple of hill repeats, and then the last 2 miles of our run were pretty hilly, too. I will probably be starving the rest of the day...


Here are the plastic containers I usually use to portion out lunches. I love these because I can keep things separate. So handy! I microwave and wash them in the dishwasher, too.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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