How you know it’s busy…+ Fat Tuesday + family miles!

You know it was a busy day when my first picture taken was of my lunch, ha! Yesterday was one of those days that was crazy busy, but also crazy productive. It’s my favorite kind of day! I would so much rather be busy than not have anything to do. I do a lot of online shopping and Netflix binging when I have too much free time…Lunch was more chicken salad on a roll. I am loving this chicken salad so much.


I helped lead our faculty meeting after school, then it was home to dust, clean up the kitchen, foam roll, and eat dinner. We had elk burgers again, which are so delicious. Last night, I put broccoli in the AirFryer and it was amazing. I just dumped a bag of frozen broccoli into the AirFryer and then covered all of the florets with ghee and a little bit of coconut aminos. I let all of that cook at 370° for 15 to 18 minutes. It turned out so good.


After dinner, we celebrated Fat Tuesday with a delicious drink. Alex introduced me to this cider, which is out of Springdale, Arkansas. It is seriously amazing. She brought back some of the blueberry for me and I love it. I have also had their hibiscus cider and it is outstanding as well.


We slept in until about 5 AM, which felt really nice. We had planned to run together, so we bundled up and got started about 5:30. We only had time for 2 miles, but it’s better than nothing. Here is our attempt at a family photo. We had both girls run with us and they had a blast running in the snow. We have THIS jacket for Lulu from Ruffwear. She looks so cute in it. I will try to get a better picture of her wearing it. It worked out perfectly for a run this morning because her harness fit over the jacket.


I laid out my clothes after our run and hopped in the shower. I walked out to this. I swear, anytime we have clothes laying around somewhere, she makes herself a bed out of them. She’s so cute.


I think today will be another pretty busy day. I have a meeting this afternoon, which always seems to make my day go by quickly.

Today is my Dad’s birthday, so we FaceTimed him this morning. We are spending the weekend in Kansas City with my family to celebrate him. Last year for his birthday, we got him a gift card to Top Golf. We have yet to use it! Sooo we will be doing that at some point this weekend. It will be a lot of fun! I cannot wait to spend some time with my niece.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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