My life…+ excitement + my Daddy’s birthday!

I honestly do not think there has ever been a truer graphic to depict my life. I cannot tell you how many times my facial expressions have gotten me into trouble. I just can’t control my face! This 9 year old and I have a lot in common…


I was pretty excited about the beautiful flakes that were falling Wednesday morning. Not enough for a snow day, but it sure made for some pretty scenery.


How many beverages are too many? Asking for myself…


Our smoothie game is still going strong. These have spinach, almond milk, vanilla ice cream protein powder, collagen, super greens chocolate powder, banana, peanut butter, and ice!


I get to present on something I love in April – online learning spaces! I am pumped. Since I’m a new faculty member with U of A Little Rock, they asked me to lead a session for our Education Night. I cannot wait to meet some of our students and a few more members of the faculty. A lot of the courses in the School of Education are online, so I’m going to talk about how to be successful in an online course, which is something I am passionate about.


My Dad has grown out a beard! It is awesome. He’s never had a beard before, only a mustache when I was a little girl, so it’s taking a little getting used to. He changed his emoji on his phone to have a beard, which made me smile.


Here! His office shared this picture of him yesterday for his birthday. Doesn’t his beard look great?? I really like it.


Another day, another picture of chicken salad.


Can you even go to Hotel Vandivort and not take a selfie in the bathroom? I don’t think it’s allowed.


I met a girlfriend for a drink yesterday evening. How pretty is this? It’s called the Chai Me and it is wonderful.



The sunset yesterday was incredible. I had to document it. There is a new bar downtown called Vantage and it sits on a rooftop. It has the best views of Springfield.


Jake and I went to Brew Co for dinner. They had Po’ Boys on special for fat Tuesday, so I had to get one. It was pretty delicious.


Jake’s sister and Mom were at the mall shopping when we finished with dinner, so they FaceTimed us whenever they found a good deal. Chelsea and I thought we were pretty clever holding up heart halves to each other.


In honor of my Dad’s birthday yesterday, I wanted to share a couple pictures from one of my favorite memories with him. My Dad got to hood me at my doctoral graduation ceremony and it was such a special moment. The people in charge of graduation made an exception and let my dad take part in the ceremony even though his degree isn’t in the College of Education. He is a dentist, and their color is lilac, which is what he is wearing in this picture. It was seriously a night I will never forget.


I met Jordan at 4:40 AM to knock out two miles before meeting the rest of our group for our regular six. We all felt like this run lasted forever. I think we were all worn out and our legs were tired. Super thankful for this group because they keep me going when I want to curl up and go back to sleep.


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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