Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was full of fun, delicious drinks, and lots of family time! Friday morning started with some egg white oats with turkey sausage links.


This girl wanted me to put my computer down and pay attention to her. She stared over the top of my computer like this for a LOOONG time.


Lunch was the last of our chicken salad. I threw it in a wrap and it was delicious.


Early Friday evening, I got a massage. It was incredible. I saw Chad at Acacia Spa and I cannot say enough positive things about him. I told him I was a runner and he worked every sore spot I had from training without me even telling him. I will definitely go see him again!


My parents picked Jake and I up Friday evening when everyone got off work and we hit the road for Kansas City. We stopped in Clinton for dinner and had all of this deliciousness. Fried okra is my weakness. We also shared mini pies, but I forgot to take a picture of them. This restaurant was called Boone’s and we all highly recommend it.


When you have just started a training plan and have a double-digit run when you are out of town, you bring everything with you.


Jake and I headed out Saturday morning to start our 10-mile run. About 3 miles in, we came across a porta potty, so we both stopped. Do you think Jake likes when I take pictures like this? He’s in the porta potty…


It was a little chillier than we thought it was going to be, but toward the end of our run it warmed up and was the perfect day.


I was super excited to get a double-digit run in with ZERO foot pain. I told myself once I had a couple of long runs under my belt, then I would sign up for the war Eagle 50k. Looks like we will be signing up for that race this week!


Jake made the perfect 10-mile loop for us and part of it was on a paved trail through some neighborhoods. We got to see some of the prettiest houses.


Forever thankful to have a husband who loves running as much as I do. I love being able to do things like this together.


Mid-run cuddles? Sure.


We finished our run and walked into the breakfast area at the hotel. My family was in there eating breakfast, so we joined them and then headed to our room to get ready.


We headed to Top Golf for the day and had a blast playing different games and making fools of ourselves. They had the most delicious mimosas, so I was pretty excited about that, too. We loved getting to celebrate my sweet Dad all weekend.


Eleanor turns one next week, which I cannot believe. She has gotten so sassy and I love it. Also, how cute are her leggings and shoes?


After Top Golf, we went to a camper and RV expo and then did a little bit of shopping. We went to Pierpont’s at Union Station for dinner and it was absolutely incredible. I had a rib-eye topped with a whiskey bacon jam and it was maybe one of the best meals of my life. They also bring out this delicious sourdough loaf that is out of this world. If you haven’t been – GO!


Love these people!


The birthday boy!


We all ate breakfast together Sunday morning then hit the road to come home. We had two very excited girls when we walked in the door – here they are passed out after being crazies when we first got home. Jake’s sister, Chelsea, usually watches our girls for us when we are out of town and they love having her stay with them. She’s the best aunt ever!


I knocked out a super quick meal prep for Sunday afternoon. Jake is having chicken and black bean quesadillas. These are so simple to make. I cook the chicken, shred it or chop it, then spread out tortillas on a baking sheet and put down a layer of shredded Pepper Jack cheese, black beans, the chicken, and another layer of pepper jack. I fold the tortilla over and let it bake just like that. I bake these at 350° for about 15 minutes. By folding the tortilla and half rather than slicing it, it is a lot easier for Jake to eat on-the-go if needed.


I didn’t feel like making another sheet of quesadillas, so I just portioned all of my stuff out and will heat it up at school. That big half section has chopped up chicken, black beans, and shredded cheese, and the two small sections have spinach and a folded up tortilla.


Here are the containers I use! I love them. I put them in the microwave and dishwasher.

Nothing like prepping healthy meals and then getting Andy’s, ha! Balance, right? I had been craving the mint cookie concrete from Andy’s, so we went through the Andy’s after dinner and got delicious treats!


We had crazy storms most of the night last night. I don’t think I had ever heard a storm that loud. Jake and I woke up pretty tired since we were up a lot, so we both slept in until 6AM. I will get my riding and lifting in after school.

I have a couple of meetings today, so I have a feeling the day will fly by. We have spring break in two weeks and I just realized today that I will not have a five-day work week at school until after spring break…and that will be the last week of March, so I feel like this entire month is going to go by pretty quickly. Between being out for trainings or having professional workdays, I have a three-day week this week and a four-day week next week then an entire week off! We are going to Florida to see my grandparents over that break, so I am super excited about that!

Happy Monday, friends!

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