What. A. Day. + reminiscing + some delicious finds!

On Tuesday mornings at school, we have been doing some test prep stuff for the upcoming MAP test (a state-wide standardized test). Ever Tuesday, we have two entire grade levels come down to our cafeteria and work on in either English Language Arts or math activities. Yesterday, we had sixth and eighth grade taking their practice tests. They had some short answer questions, which meant I got to spend my morning grading their answers. I had a lot of gems like this one. The question was about WWII and the student wrote, “I have a turtle”…After the three hours I spent grading things like that I was not in the best mood. Thank goodness I work with awesome people who could help me laugh about the situation.


I took a break for lunch at some point and had my chicken, black beans, spinach concoction in a tortilla.


I switched platforms for my blog over the summer and some pictures didn’t transfer over, so I have been slowly transferring them manually whenever I have free time. Yesterday, I worked on our wedding post. It had me reminiscing about our wedding weekend and our trip to Breckenridge, CO. Jake and I rented a gorgeous 12 bedroom home for us and our families to stay in for our wedding. It was so beautiful that we ended up getting married in the backyard. Everything was so perfect. Look at those views! This was taken on the deck of the master bedroom where Jake and I stayed.


After work yesterday, I vacuumed and did laundry, then started on dinner. This dressing is one of our favorites. We used to get it at Lucky’s, but now that they have closed, I started getting it on Amazon. You can find it by clicking on the picture of the dressing after this first picture. This dressing can be used on salads or as a marinade, which I love. It’s the perfect combination of garlic and a little bit of sweet. It is our go-to dressing.


I love lentils. I love that they have a little bit of a peppery taste. I really like lentil pasta, too! I got this at Walmart and was super impressed. It cooks in 8 to 10 minutes, so it’s easy to throw together a quick dinner.


How cute is this wine label? I cannot remember where I got this, but the wine is delicious. I was very impressed. If I see this wine again, I will definitely stock up.


Dinner was ground elk on top of lentil pasta, topped with spaghetti sauce, cooked mushrooms, and a little bit of nutritional yeast. We also had a salad on the side with Garlic Expressions dressing, goat cheese, and onion. This dinner was so good.


Wine and scrunchies – is there anything better? My answer: no.


We were both pretty worn out yesterday. I wanted to go to bed at 7:30P, but forced myself to stay up and watch an episode of Longmire with Jake when he got home from a meeting. I ended up sleeping in until about 6:30A this morning, so I think I should have gone to bed early. I wanted to run and workout this morning, but sleep won, so I’ll do that after school. Fingers crossed I can get an early bedtime tonight.


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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