Sunshine run + trainings + Deep Eddy’s is the best!

I have been in an all day training Thursday and today of this week. I enjoy the training, so the time goes by pretty quickly. We always have an hour for lunch, and since I slept in on Thursday, I got some miles in in the sunshine during our lunch break. It was wonderful. The weather was absolutely incredible yesterday. I think I had a smile on my face for my entire run.


After my run, I changed clothes, and chowed down on lunch.


These are the meal prep containers I like – I shared a few days ago, but wanted to share them again.

I bought a bunch of those mini bags of popcorn and I look forward to having it every day. I love popcorn so much. I have both a butter and a kettle corn option, so I am able to grab whatever sounds good at the moment.


This is really all I have to bring to the table: my inappropriate since of humor. 


Dinner last night was delicious and super quick to make. Frozen broccoli cooked with ghee, coconut aminos, garlic powder, and onion powder, and frozen black bean Gardein burgers that take about eight minutes to cook on the stove top. That’s it! So easy. I also added a little bit of the leftover lentil pasta with barbecue sauce because I was still hungry after I ate this. Barbecue sauce on pasta has to be one of my favorite things. If you haven’t tried it, try it. You can thank me later.


Deep Eddy’s grapefruit vodka with soda water, comfy sweats, and slippers – is there anything better? I say no!


I did my nails last night using my favorite dip powder color. I feel like I have finally found the trick to making my at home dip powder manicure’s look decent.


I have another day of training today, then have grocery pick-up, thennn Jake and I go to pick-up my car. We had it lifted this week and will be putting wheels and tires on it. I can’t wait to share pictures with you!

This weekend will be another busy/fun one – I have a long run Saturday morning, followed by my niece’s first birthday party! I cannot believe Eleanor is going to be a one year old. It’s been such a fun year with her!

Happy Friday, friends!

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