Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend was full of family time, long runs, and relaxing – all of my favorite things. I shared the link to the hot air hairbrush that I love so much and I cannot wait to hear what you ladies think. It really is the best thing!



Here it is again!

I had another day of training Friday, so I came home for lunch – chicken, black beans, and spinach in a tortilla. Topped with ALL the spicy mango salsa. Mmmm.


The sun shined all weekend long. It was incredible. After my training, I picked up our groceries for the week, then Jake and I went to pick up my car. We had it lifted last week and I could not wait to see it!


These are the stock wheels and tires, which we changed out Saturday, so that’s why they look a little silly. I never really understood getting vehicles lifted until I met Jake. Now I’m hooked!


Don’t mind the stickers, ha, but teal is my favorite color, so Jake got teal springs for my car. I love them!


After we grabbed my car, we met one of Jake’s work buddies for dinner. We went to The Pitch because we were craving pizza. We had this spread. It was delicious. As always.


Saturday morning, it was up early to get my butt on some trail! I have had a sore knee/some shin splints this week, so I was hoping that wouldn’t bother me too much during my run. It hasn’t been enough to not run, just enough to annoy me.

I was excited to finally drop off some tampons and pads in the bathrooms at Two River. Trail Sisters Springfield hosted a bake sale to raise funds to keep feminine hygiene products in some of the trail bathrooms. Ladies, if you’re at Two Rivers and need supplies, you’re in luck! HUGE thank you to everyone who bought baked goods and/or donated. <3


There are two bathrooms at Two Rivers, so we need to stock the second one, too, but this basket of supplies is there now!


Alex, Michaela, and I all needed 12 miles, so we met a little before the rest of the group to knock out 2 miles. I had ZERO pain, so I was ecstatic. After our 2, Rachel met us and we ran 5. The weather was perfect and these girls made the miles fly by.


After we finished our run with Rachel, Alex, Michaela, and I headed out for 5 more miles. My body felt amazing, which I was thankful for. My legs were definitely tired, but this was my longest run in awhile AND my longest time on trail since my Dogwood race in November. The views at Two Rivers are incredible.


Sooo happy to be finished with our 12!


After my run, I was starving, so I drove through Chic-fil-A to grab breakfast. I had never had their chicken biscuit, so I got one for me and one for Jake. Holy cow. SO delicious. We ate that at home, then Jake went to help some friends move and I started on cleaning and laundry. I took a break for lunch – black bean patty, pretzels and hummus, and a protein shake.


Saturday afternoon, we headed to Great Escape to celebrate Eleanor’s first birthday! Today is her official birthday, but it was so much fun to celebrate her with everyone. My sister got this adorable smash cake for her. They don’t post pictures online of her face, so I can’t share any of those, but trust me, it was adorable. She is one loved little girl!


After Eleanor’s party, Jake and I decided to switch out the tires and wheels on our vehicles. We put the wheels and tires from his truck onto my Lexus. He found some other wheels and tires he liked, so we put those on his truck. I had never done anything like this before, so I leaned a lot and really had fun! Plus, now it’s even more special because we did it ourselves.


After we finished the wheel and tire swap, we headed to dinner. My friend, Rachel, sent me this. Nothing has ever been more true. I am always ready for bed by 9, ha! We did have people over Saturday night and they stayed until 11:30, so I was proud of myself for staying up!


We went to Galloway. It’s a staple in our lives. I was craving their Spicy Nashville chicken sandwich, but it’s one of their specials, so they don’t always have it. It was my lucky night – they happened to have it Saturday night! It was aaaaamazing.


After dinner, some friends and Jake’s parents came over. We had a blast sitting on the floor in our living room just talking and laughing. Rhea never strayed too far from my side.


Sunday morning called for sleeping in and breakfast tacos.


After breakfast, I started on meal prep after breakfast. We are having ground turkey chili for lunch this week. My crockpot was FULL.


Here’s the chili recipe!

After breakfast, we loaded everyone up into Lola (my Lexus) and headed out for our first off-road adventure. Lulu and Rhea rode the entire morning with their heads out the window. This is the windblown look of complete bliss. We saw the prettiest views and had so much fun exploring together. We went out to Chadwick and drove around out there.


Happy, happy girls.


I have wanted a Lexus GX For as long as I can remember. Jake searched for months and finally found the perfect one. I am pretty obsessed with her, and now that I am seeing her lifted with tires and wheels, I am even more obsessed. When I got my new job in Arkansas, we decided that I would buy a car for whenever I need to be on campus, since we are not moving down there. I will be down there once a week or so, so nothing too crazy, but that would still be a lot of miles on my Lexus since it’s a 4 hour drive. Once we decided we would get a car, we decided to turn Lola into a toy. I will still drive her when I am in town, because I just love this car so much, but it’s also going to be our new adventure mobile.


After our off-road adventure, we grabbed lunch on our way back into town, then Jake went to help a friend move a few more things and I crawled into bed for a little nap. Three hours later, I woke up…I guess I needed some sleep! I felt super refreshed after that nap, so I wasn’t upset about it. I was having a lot of knee pain, so I took the day off from running and riding. I spent about 45 minutes foam rolling, stretching, and massaging my sore leg. I felt pretty sorry for myself Sunday morning because I had planned to run with the girls and then we were all going to go on a fun gravel ride. I was sad to miss out. Sometimes I feel like I get into a really good groove with training and then something flares up and I have to pull back. I think that’s all just part of it – Trying to find that sweet spot between pushing and making gains, but also keeping yourself healthy. I have learned to take rest days when I need them and the importance of rehab – foam rolling, stretching, massages. I have been foam rolling consistently for about six weeks now and I think it does make a difference. So, I didn’t get to run and ride in the sunshine yesterday, but I think my body needed the downtime.

Dinner last night: wings and broccoli. Balance, right? I made my favorite dip, which is plain Greek yogurt with a little bit of Sriracha and some Everything but the Bagel Seasoning. It’s so delicious. 


My friend, Cassie, was over Saturday night, and she had just come from a dinner to celebrate her birthday, which is coming up later this month. Her family got her a banana cake from St. Michael’s here in town, so she brought over a little bit of it for me. She is the best. This cake is hands-down my favorite. Jake and I had it at our wedding in Colorado. Jake’s parents brought it out there for us on dry ice so we could have it after our ceremony. Jake and I have decided that every year on our anniversary we will have a piece of it. I’m already excited for that to happen in May...


After dinner, Jake and I sat on the couch and watched an episode of Longmire. While we watch, I iced and sip on some cider. It was a good Sunday!


Here’s our menu for the week! I have a four day work week and then have a week off for spring break.!


Today is my blog-iversary! I have bene blogging for THREE years. I can’t believe it. So very thankful for all of you and the new friends I have met through this space. <3

Happy Monday, friends!

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