Crazy hair…+ three weeks! + colorless dinners

Here are our breakfasts, snacks, and lunches for the day! This week, we are having apples and carrots for a snack. Jake is also having almonds and I have cereal. Dry cereal is my weakness, so I like to have it as a mid-morning snack after my smoothie. It hits the spot.


We are having mocha cappuccino smoothies again this week. I think we will go back to chocolate protein when this one is out. I like this flavor a lot, but chocolate is my favorite!


Lunch was delicious. Chili and cornbread. I normally bake our cornbread, but this is just from Walmart’s bakery. Holy cow. It’s amazing!


This made me laugh super hard. We did taxes last week! I always get nervous that I’m forgetting something.

I shared this on Instagram stories yesterday, but my hair is always super crazy the first day I wash it after it’s been straight. I honestly feel like after my hair has been straight for a couple of days and I wash it, it decides to be extra crazy because it has been tamed for so long. Anyone else with curly hair feel that way?


After school, I saw my chiropractor who said my patellar tendon wasn’t tracking correctly, which is what has been causing all of my issues. He worked on my leg for awhile and did some scraping and it helped SO much. After my appointment with him, I came home to get my lifting workout in. I am on week three of a program called Lift4. I am really enjoying it! I usually write my own workouts, but it’s been nice to have them ready for me. I’m


I don’t know that we have ever had a dinner that was this lacking in color, but it was amazing. We had garlic chicken topped with my new favorite dipping sauce, which is plain Greek yogurt, a little bit of Sriracha, and some Everything but the Bagel seasoning. I also made cauliflower rice with a little bit of Primal Kitchen’s ranch dressing, ghee, and parmesan cheese. This dinner was the bomb.


After dinner, I did a spray tan. Jake kept laughing at me every time he looked at my face. My favorite sunless tanner is below. I seriously love this stuff and swear by it. It does not streak and it’s an express tan, so you don’t have to leave it on forever. You definitely want to use a mit when you use this. There’s a picture of the one I love below as well.


Jake brushed Rhea after dinner and Lulu was pretty concerned about it…Or Lu just wanted to be brushed. The verdict is still out.


I am going to be more diligent about doing some active warm-ups before my runs. Are used to do a better job with this, so I’ve kind of let it slip. I did some band work and some rolling before the girls came over to run.


6 miles with my girls! I had zero knee pain in my shin splints are totally gone, so I was super thankful for that this morning!


Here’s what we use for budgeting! I can’t include the actual document for some reason, so if you’d like it sent to you, contact me HERE. Happy Tuesday, friends!

MONTHLY Mortgage: Utilities: Trash: Dues:
Insurance: Life Insurance: Student Loan: Total:
EXTRA Internet/Cable: Spotify: YMCA: Car Wash: Total:
CATEGORY Food: Toiletries: Dogs: Supplements: Fun:
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total



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