Pink smoothies + at home date night + weekend plans!

We have had to smoothies for breakfast this week and they have been so delicious. We are also doing some budgeting, so when we ran out of bananas on Tuesday, I decided that instead of going out and getting more, I would use up some of the other frozen fruit that we had in our freezer. One of my frustrations is that I feel like our freezer and pantry are way too full of food. I want to be more intentional about using what we already have. So, that being step said, our smoothies yesterday ended up being a very pretty pink because we used to some frozen pineapple and beet chunks in them. They were also crazy delicious.

Work yesterday was super productive, which I love. I love leaving at the end of the day feeling like I accomplished a lot. I would also rather be busy, because then the day Seems to fly by. I worked with testing students throughout the day, so I grabbed a quick lunch in between that. I have seriously love to these chicken taco salad’s. They have spinach, iceberg lettuce, chicken, black beans, diced tomatoes with green chiles, and I top mine with primal pallets ranch dressing and chill Lula. So. Dang. Good!

I haven’t tried this yet, but a friend shared it on Facebook and I am definitely going to do this with our next box of spinach. You fold of a paper towel and place it on the lid each time you close the box of lettuce. Once it is closed, you flip the lettuce over and let it sit in your fridge upside down. This allows any moisture in the box to be absorbed by the paper towel. It’s genius! No more soggy lettuce.

We had an at home date night last night. We made barbecue chicken Sweet potatoes, which is one of our favorites. These are super simple to make. You just type a baked sweet potato what is chicken, I’d like to add spinach underneath the chicken, then put a little bit of barbecue sauce and goat cheese on top. If you make this, I promise you will love them. And if you are like me, and don’t always want to wait an hour for sweet potatoes to bake In the oven, you can poke holes in them, wet a paper towel, wrap it around the sweet potato, and put it in the microwave in two minutes increments until it is soft. I’d love that trick and use it often.

After dinner, we watched an episode of dirty John, which is the new Netflix show we are watching. I am the biggest chicken on the planet, but I can handle the suspense of that show. It’s honestly not that bad, but I tend to steer clear of scary/suspenseful things. My favorite show of all time used to be special victims unit, the salon order one, but I got to where I was so freaked out all the time and wasn’t sleeping all that great, so I made myself stop watching it. I am still trying to catch up on sleep from Sunday night, so I crawled into bed around eight. Jake and I have been looking at some property, I will share more on that later, but he got into bed with me and we talked about that while we cuddled with the girls. It was a wonderful at home date night!

It has been raining here since last night, and I think it is supposed to stay pretty gross all weekend. I am actually really excited about that. We do not have any plans this weekend, and we are watching Eleanor, my niece, so I cannot wait to just stay inside and love on her. I would love to run with my running group on Saturday, trail sister Springfield, so I hope we don’t have any lightning or anything like that Saturday morning. I hope everyone has the Best weekend!

Happy Friday, friends! 


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