A cute throwback + robe life + weekend fun!

I can’t remember when we went back to having smoothies for breakfast, but I love it. They’re so easy to sip on while I work in the mornings at school. Plus, now that we are prepping the dry ingredients ahead of time, they’re SO much faster to throw together in the mornings.


I finally used up the last of my Cholula. Don’t worry, I already have a back-up bottle in my desk. Do I have a problem? Maybe.


I was finishing transferring some pictures from my old blog platform and came across this. How sweet are those cuddles? I have shared before that Lu was never really a cuddly dog until she and I moved in with Jake and Aspen. Aspen was our Vizsla who passed away from cancer two years ago this August. She was the BEST cuddler. Lu learned to cuddle from Aspen. Rhea reminds me of Aspen in that way – she is VERY cuddly.


I always have snacks with me. Always. We are on an apple kick this week. I love Granny Smith apples.


I cannot tell you how amazing it was to have dinner ready to go last night. I love cooking, but sometimes it’s nice to just heat up good leftovers. We had the rest of the Pesto Spaghetti Squash Chicken casserole. Recipe HERE. Holy moly. It’s delicious reheated.

img_9200´┐╝Just me, in all my glory, chowing down on some oyster crackers. They’re a weakness….


When Jake got home from work, he headed out for a run, and came back to me in my pajamas and robe. It was 6:30PM. He laughed and just rolled his eyes. He told me that robes make him think of being lazy. I told him that was just fine because I planned on being lazy the rest of the night…HA! Lu didn’t judge me for wearing a robe.


Since I wanted to be lazy, we sat on the couch after dinner and watched an episode of Longmire. I DID foam roll while we watched, so that counts for something, Jacob! ; )


Work day/no students at school vibes – very glamorous. I slept in until 6:30 this morning, which was fantastic. I might get a little trainer ride and arm workout in later, but we will see how the day goes. I have a race in the morning, so I won’t do anything too crazy.


This weekend is going to be a fun one! A bunch of my running gal pals are running the ShamRox 15k with me (we are SO happy it hasn’t been canceled), so we are going to packet pick-up together tonight then grabbing pizza for dinner. Tomorrow, after the race, we are all going to brunch together, too! I see a nap in my future on Saturday, which also excites me. I love naps after runs.

After our work day today, I am officially on spring break! I am excited to have a few days at home before heading to Florida to see my grandparents.

Stay safe out there, friends!

Happy Friday!

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