Weekend Wrap-up!

My Friday morning at school started with pie from our administrators. It was delicious.


Early Friday evening, I did something I had been putting off for WAY too long. I used to have a double cartilage piercing and a double lobe piercing. My lobes were crazy sensitive to anything, so about 5/6 years ago, I stopped wearing earrings in them. One of my cartilage piercings was ALWAYS swollen and hurting, but the earring was stuck, so I figured I’d just have to deal with it. I have missed wearing earrings in my lobes, so I finally made an appointment to get them pierced again and to see if someone could get the stuck cartilage piercing out and change out those earrings, too. I went to Piercing by Qui Qui. I cannot say enough good things about him. My anxiety was pretty high about the bad cartilage piercing. I had tried to get it out a few years ago, then had someone else tried to get it out and it was just stuck. It always hurt, so I was nervous about being in a lot of pain. Turns out, my lobes were still pierced! Qui Qui didn’t charge me for a piercing and he got my new earrings in my lobes with ZERO trouble. I was so impressed. After my lobes, he moved on to my cartilage. He said he thought we should just take the bad one out and let it heal. I was definitely scared, but he had already won my trust with my lobes. After 5-6 minutes, he got my bad cartilage piercing out! I felt instant relief. Then he replaced the other one with a new earring. I was/still am so excited! I finally have earrings again! And no pain! If you need piercing help, go see him. His site is HERE.


Friday evening, we went to packet pick up and then to dinner. We went to Pappo’s. They have the most amazing house salad. I inhaled that entire pizza, too.


I was not craving sweets, but these two shared this massive cookie. They did give me a bite and it was amazing.


We had to document the fact that sometimes we aren’t in running clothes and have real pants on.


When we went to bed Friday night, our race Saturday morning was still on. This is the weather they were calling for. I woke up a little bit before 6 AM Saturday and checked the event Facebook page. They had canceled the event due to the terrible lightning we were having. As bummed as I was about the race, I texted the girls and we decided to still run the race course later in the day when the lightning stopped. Since I had a couple of hours before that happened, I crawled back into bed for a few more hours of sleep.

Jake and I met up with the girls to run the race course. We were extra thankful Jake was with us since he designed this course. He told us where to go and we had a blast running together. It rained on us the last half of our run, but we talked the entire time, so the miles flew by. I even wore my tutu. We added on a few miles to the course, so I ended the day with 11 total. The first 2 miles were a little rough, but once I got warmed up, I felt amazing.



We all kept teasing Jake that he was our husband and we were sharing him. I’m sure he loved it. ; ) After our run, we met up with some other friends and had brunch at Springfield Brewing Company. Everything was so delicious. We all brought clothes with us to change into after our run, but we were still chilly and having a hard time getting warmed up. Jordan wore Jake’s coat to try and get warm.


Jake is on this month’s cover of Springfield Fit Life magazine, so when we saw one as we were leaving Brew Co, we had to document. You can check out the magazine HERE! It’s not really about Jake, it’s about trails in this area, but there is another picture of him in the article.


You know you have found your people when they’ll run in the rain with you, then go out into public with wet hair looking like this…


Since it was St. Patty’s weekend, we HAD to get Irish Car Bombs. Mmmm. My favorite.


Saturday night, we headed to our friend, Jesse’s, house to play MarioKart. He has a massive projector in his basement, so this game took over an entire wall. It was so fun! I am not a video game person, but I got a lot better the few times I played.


Sunday morning, we slept in, then I laid in bed until after 10! I never do that, but it was incredible. When I finally rolled out of bed, Jake and I grabbed breakfast at Farmer’s Gastro Pub. It was delicious. While at breakfast, we discussed our upcoming trip to Florida and what we thought we should do. We were flying and then staying with my grandparents. As badly as we wanted to see them, we just didn’t want to risk flying and then infecting them or someone else with anything that we picked up. We made the tough decision to postpone our trip until later in the summer. I called my Grandma to chat about it and they agreed with our decision. Soooo, spring break will include a lot of relaxing from home!


After breakfast, we came home and were super productive. Jake vacuumed our house and couch, which is a huge job that I don’t love, so I was thankful! While he worked on the couch, I did laundry and started on meal prep. Here are all of the dry ingredients for our smoothies. One of these containers holds all of the dry ingredients for both of us, so the following is in them: two scoops of protein powder, two scoops of collagen, and two scoops of super greens. We just dump this into our blender with two bananas, a cup of almond milk, spinach, ice cubes, and peanut butter. YUM.


Lunches this week are spaghetti squash casserole. While my two spaghetti squashes cooked, I chopped up chicken sausage, cherry tomatoes, green peppers, and half a red onion.


These are the seasonings I used.


Once the spaghetti squashes cooked, I scraped the seeds to throw out and then scraped out the squash into two baking dishes. I then split all of the veggies and protein I chopped (plus a container of mushrooms) between the two baking dishes. Once all of that chopped goodness was added, I cracked two eggs into both casseroles and then mixed everything together super well. You can beat the eggs before adding them, but I didn’t want to dirty another dish, so I just cracked them into the casserole dish and then mixed everything together.


After everything was mixed, I sliced up some jalapeños and placed them on top of each casserole. I baked these at 350° for 30 minutes. So. Delicious. You can top these with cheese, too, if you’d like. Pepper Jack is super good.


After meal prepping and laundry, I hopped on the treadmill for a 5 mile run. I printed this treadmill pace chart off to have handy. I chose one of the many maps available on my treadmill to follow for my miles yesterday. I chose this place in Japan. It was gorgeous! You follow a trail and run through various parts of a park and the countryside.


My first 30 mile week in awhile that didn’t include any pain! I’ve been battling some different things off and on this year, so I was stoked to finally get a 30 mile week in that didn’t have foot pain, knee pain, or hip pain!


After my run, we headed to Jake’s parents’ to feed their dogs for them. This is Tank. He’s a Frenchie and he was missing Jake’s Mom. He’s her baby.


For dinner, Jake and I headed to Zayka for some Indian food. They have the BEST garlic naan. I had the Tandoori Shrimp. I will 100% get this again!


Happy Monday, friends!

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