Meals on the go + organization station + out of school forever!

Meals on-the-go are the best meals. I slept in Monday morning then headed to a dentist appointment with my Dad (he’s a dentist here in town.) HERE’S his website. He’s the BEST.


After my appointment, I loaded up the girls and we headed to the vet for their yearly check-ups and shots. They were pretty excited to be in the car. They did not really know where they were going...


Lu loves the vet, but Rhea was a chicken yesterday. Rhea normally loves all people and gets crazy excited, but she was pretty reserved and hid under my legs the whole time.


After the vet, we ran by the store to pick up a couple of things. Just in case we end up being quarantined, I wanted to have some food that would last a little bit longer. We normally buy a lot of produce, which I love having, but it won’t last long if we get stuck in the house for awhile. I also picked up some beer for Jake. That’s really all he needs if we are stuck in the house.


After groceries, it was lunchtime. I heated up some spaghetti squash casserole and had some of my leftovers from Sunday.


After lunch, I got started on organizing some of our pantry cabinets. I ordered some new plastic containers for pantry organization, so I was excited to finally get to use them. Here is the before of one of our cabinets. Things were just hard to find. The cabinets are really deep, which I love because we have a lot of storage, but I needed a better organizational system.


And after! Still full, but a lot better! I can SEE everything, which is amazing.


Here are the two clear plastic containers I used in these cabinets.

Here is the before of another cabinet. All of those spices were driving me crazy. It was so hard to find anything.


And after! The spice organizer makes SO much of a difference.


Here’s the spice rack. I love that it can be expanded to fit in any space. I just ordered another one to use in my bathroom under the sink, too!

We haven’t had this before, but I found it at the store and thought it sounded delicious. These are noodles made with cauliflower, lentil, and pea flour. I cannot wait to try these. I am also a huge fan of black bean spaghetti noodles, so I found a new brand I hadn’t tried yet. I will let you know what we think of both of these. 


When I finished organizing the pantry, I decided it was time to get my workout in, so I hopped on our trainer. I got in a short 20-minute ride and did my lifting work out. I am extra thankful for our home gym right now! It is so nice to not have to leave the house to get a workout in.


Dinner last night was easy and delicious, which is my favorite. We had salmon with chili powder and brown sugar and asparagus cooked in ghee and Everything but the Bagel Seasoning.


This poor girl is having an allergic reaction to something. Half of her face is so swollen. I couldn’t get a good picture, but you can kind of see the swelling in her lip and around her eye. We gave her Benadryl last night and this morning, which seems to be helping a little bit. I’m going to call our vet as soon as they open.


We had crazy storms last night which kept me up quite a bit, so I did not sleep very well. When my alarm went off at 4AM, I was SO tempted to text the girls and tell them I was bailing so I could sleep a little bit longer. I had a track workout to knock out, which is always easier and way more fun with friends, so I made myself get up and run with everyone. I am so thankful I did. We did a 2 mile warm-up from my house to the track, then Alex and I knocked out 800s while the other girls ran in the neighborhood around the track and did their own thing, then we all ran 2 miles back to my house. It was the best way to start my morning. I have no idea where I am right now with speed work, so I told myself I wanted to try to stay between 6:30 and 7:30 on the track. All of my 800s were around a 7:00 pace, so I’m glad there was a little bit of consistency this morning. That gives me a good baseline for where I need to start working. 


We had a jogging recovery in-between our 800s and I didn’t program my workout in my watch, so these splits are a combination of everything.

Alex had to head back a little bit before the rest of us, so that’s why she isn’t in this picture. Thankful for fresh air and good friends!


I got the call yesterday that we are out of school until April 3rd. That’s THREE weeks off…so crazy. I sure hope this madness dies down and no one else gets sick. Praying for a speedy recovery for everyone who is ill AND continued health for those who are trying to stay away from the public.

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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