More pantry work + AirFryer all the way + the best way to foam roll…

Should I wear my post-run hair more often? It’s very stylish. This smoothie was extra delicious after our speed work on the track Tuesday morning.


I took Lu to get her hair cut yesterday morning. I waited for her, so I took advantage of the downtime and used my lacrosse ball on my sore muscles.


I saw this online and couldn’t love it more. If you’re struggling with what to do with your kiddos while schools are closed, READ! Reading truly is the foundation of an education. I will try to put together a post with some educational resources to share with you.

How pretty is this little girl? She was WAY past due for a hair cut…


The second I start eating something, these two become very interested. I can’t say that I blame them…Food is delicious.


Yesterday, I worked on the open shelves in our pantry. Here is a before picture. It just felt super cluttered to me.


And here is the after! I have always wanted to display baking stuff in big glass jars, so I found some at Home Goods that I loved. I really like how this turned out. I am not finished – I have some chalkboard labels to add, so once everything is in place, I’ll share a few more links!


When I finished working on the pantry, I decided I was craving some tofu. I got out the AirFryer and cooked up a package of tofu seasoned with a little bit of Cajun spices. It was delicious.


I also sautéed some green beans and had a few carrots with hummus. YUM.


After lunch, this girl and I got some cuddles on the couch. She was pretty worn out after getting her hair cut. I guess it is hard work to be pampered.


I have been getting a lot of emails from one of the universities that I teach for since all of the classes have moved to online learning. My class was already online, so not much has changed for me, but this wasn’t an actual email we received yesterday. Apparently, someone had recorded a lecture or met with a student via videoconferencing and didn’t have appropriate clothing on? I’m not sure of the specifics, but this was ridiculous. I feel like anytime there is something out of the ordinary, the first thing that goes is common sense…

I took a short nap yesterday and when I woke up, this big furball was up on the couch on my blanket. I can’t believe I didn’t wake up to her jumping up here.


I picked these up at the store since I love hard seltzers. I do not like them. I was bummed. There are other flavors, so maybe one of them is better than this one.


The AirFryer got a lot of action yesterday. For dinner, I cooked salmon fillets topped with my favorite seafood seasoning. I also cooked some beets in the AirFryer.


This is hands-down my favorite seafood seasoning. I put it on any seafood we have. I go through a lot of it…


Here’s the seasoning! SO delicious. Everything Primal Palate makes is incredible.

The best way to foam roll? Sip on a Truly.


When our husband has to still work his tail off, surrounded by people, he gets the royal treatment when he gets home. Complete with an Easter napkin.


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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