The best quarantine wine + tackling another big project + support local!

Not all boxed wines are created equal. This one from Bota Box, which is called RedVolution, is out of this world. Jake and I always have a box of this at home. Once opened, it will last a month. Ours is never around that long…that’s how delicious it is.


I slept in Wednesday, then headed out with Lulu for a mile run. After her mile, I went home to get Rhea for 3 miles. It was beautiful out and the sun was shining.


For lunch yesterday, my Mom and I grabbed burgers and fries from one of our local restaurants – Black Sheep. Our restaurants have either closed or they are offering curbside pick-up. We are trying to support local as much as we can during this time. We both got the Jamaican Jerk chicken sandwich with salt and vinegar french fries. I couldn’t eat all of my fries, so I saved them for Jake to have with his dinner. Wife of the year, right?


The chalkboard labels for my pantry were delivered yesterday, so I spent a few minutes getting those put on the glass storage containers. I love how this project turned out. Jake still isn’t totally sold on the labels, but I really like them.


I forgot to take a before picture of this hallway closet before I started taking things out of it, but it was so hard to find anything because it was so full of stuff. SO FULL. It was especially hard to find medicine because we had some in this closet and some under our sinks in our bathroom. My goal was to consolidate everything and just organize it a little bit better.


I was extra thankful yesterday that I kept all of the containers from my classrooms over the years. (I was a classroom teacher for five years and I used a lot of these containers in my classroom.) I should have taken a picture of our living room before I started organizing these items because it was SO crazy. I just started sorting items based on what they were used for. I set up all the boxes and then just started sorting. In order of this picture, these boxes contain candles, small travel bags, monthly items we use all the time that I stockpile, sunscreen, bug spray & after sun care, medicine organized by what it is used for, travel hair stuff, body wash, lotions, and make-up, and sports-related items.

I started collecting and organizing samples and travel size shampoos, conditioners, body wash, body lotion, and make-up so that if we go on a trip or fly somewhere, I can just grab from those bins because I know they do not go over the regulated air travel amount of 3 ounces. It also saves a lot of time and space when I am packing because I don’t have to pour my own stuff into containers or attempt to bring large containers of stuff along with me.


It is hard to get a good picture of this closet because it is in a hallway, but it is 1 million times better now. I used some of my chalkboard labels on the different containers in the closet. That big teddy bear up top was given to me by my Dad when my cat died when I was in grade school. The bear’s name is Wembley and I will never get rid of him. I will spare you the gory details, but I walked into our backyard to my dead cat after my Dad’s hunting dog had gotten ahold of him. I am not a cat person at all, but this cat was so special and not at all like a cat. My heart was broken. My Mom called my Dad at work to tell him what had happened and he sent flowers and Wembley to the house for me. <3


Here is the top half of the hallway closet.


Here is the bottom half. It is going to be so much easier to find things. It’s also cleared up a bunch of space under our bathroom seats which I am super excited about.


Here are the chalkboard labels I have. I love that they come in small, medium, and large. They are also super easy to wipe clean and re-use. 10/10 recommend from me!

Jake grabbed dinner from another local favorite, The Pitch, but I was craving my leftover tofu, so I had the most random dinner ever. Tofu, half a bagel with peanut butter and honey, and super greens on the side. So random, but so good!


This is my favorite polish to use on my toes. It does not chip at all. It looks great even after running all of the miles. I like that you can have a glossy topcoat or a matte topcoat.


Here are a few options for the polish.

Here’s the gloss topcoat.

Here’s the matte topcoat.

Think we have been quarantined for too long? 😉 I got an email yesterday saying all teachers are supposed to report back to school on Monday. None of us really know what to expect, so we will see how that goes…


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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