Foooood + my body needed that + family time – social distancing style.

Since we have been sipping on smoothies for breakfast, I hadn’t eaten eggs in a long time. I woke up yesterday craving eggs, so I made this delicious breakfast instead of my smoothie. It hit the spot.


The windshield in Jake’s truck needed to be replaced, so I dropped that off yesterday morning, then came home for this lunch. I needed to get in a 6-8 mile run, but since it was storming like crazy when I woke up, I put my run off until later in the day. I get terrible acid reflux when I run after eating certain things, so I was trying to be careful with what I was eating, but I was SO hungry. None of this bothered my stomach, thank goodness! A cheese roll-up, hummus and Wheat Thins, and a banana oatmeal muffin. Mmm.  


I waited about an hour after eating to hop on the treadmill, but I was ready to move my body a little bit. Between being stuck in the house and the nasty weather we have been having, it’s super easy for me to be lazy and just binge Netflix. I have a 50k in June, which is still on as of now, fingers crossed, so I am going to keep training for that! I needed to run and do a lifting workout, so I had everything set-up and ready to go.


I didn’t have the motivation I needed to knock out 8 treadmill miles, so I did a 2 mile warm-up, one round of my lifting workout, then back on the treadmill for a 1.5 mile run. I used that system until I got to 8 miles. It worked perfectly and made the time go by quickly. I’m sure that’s not how I should be lifting all of the time, but it’s just what worked for me yesterday. By the end of my running and lifting, my braid was a hot mess. I guess that’s how you know you got a good workout in. ; )


I wanted a little snack after my run so I heated up some of these. Holy cow. They are delicious. If you see these in the freezer section, stock up.


I also added some Skinny Pop popcorn and a tuna packet. I love snacking. If I could snack for all of my meals, I totally would.


My parents had us over for dinner last night. My Dad has converted part of their garage into a wood working workshop. He is super talented and has made some incredible pieces. Check this out. Isn’t that crazy?? He spent a lot of time making this space work for him. 


Oh my gosh. I was so full after this dinner. My Mom had two types of chili, cornbread, and salad. WOW. Everything was SO delicious.


If you need a good laugh, my Mom and I played some Instagram games. You can find them HERE. Just click on my picture and you can watch them. I could not stop laughing at my Mom.

Jake and I also picked up a couple of crowlers from Great Escape Beer Works. We want to help our local businesses, so if you have a favorite, don’t forget to order pick-up (if they’re offering it) or get a gift card. Anything helps!


Social distancing at its finest. Even Lu followed the rules.


Happy Friday, friends!

Stay safe. Sending virtual hugs to all of you!

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