Shelter in place + organizing again + living room Tabata!

Breakfast Tuesday was a banana oatmeal muffin and a smoothie. While it has been nice to have slower mornings since I’m not leaving the house to go to work, I have found that I still need some kind of routine. I have a hard time being productive if I don’t have some kind of schedule. This is a good lesson to learn since I will be working from home starting in August! My ideal schedule goes something like this: wake up early, run, breakfast, work time, lift, dinner, foam roll while watching TV, bed. I am usually able to stick to something like that!


I took care of some work in the morning, then decided to tackle the hot mess that was under my bathroom sink. Ever since I reorganized our hallway closet, I hadn’t gone back to fix the mess I made under my sink. Here are the before and after pictures. Huge shoutout to my friend, Adrienne, who told me she uses the same spice rack I have in our pantry under her bathroom sink. Other than the three rows not fitting perfectly because of that dang pipe (I wanted the rack to sit flush against the back of the cabinet), it helped so much. I can see everything now!


This is the spice rack and bathroom sink organizer that I have! I love it. It is adjustable, so you can slide it out to fit into whatever space you need. The clear single pack is sold out, but they have it in black.

Here’s a double pack of the clear!

This is one of my new favorite drinks to sip on – any type of sparkling water with a Nuun electrolyte tablet. So. Delicious. And refreshing!


Not a pretty lunch, but it was amazing and very filling. Broccoli and tofu cooked in the AirFryer. Mmm.


All of our incredible teachers are receiving a training today for our new remote learning program, which is called SPS at Home. In order to support them, all coaches went through the training yesterday. We also had a Zoom meeting to discuss what the next weeks might look like as we transfer students to an online learning space. My district has worked crazy hard on preparing lessons for students – I am impressed by what they have done.


After my meeting, I worked out. Sometimes you need to blast Spotify from the TV in your living room and workout in there rather than your gym.


I did a Tabata workout, which is 8 rounds of 20 seconds of a move, 10 seconds to recover – that comes out to be 4 minutes. Sometimes I will do a move for 4 rounds, then do another move for the second 4 rounds. Tabata is one of my favorite workouts. I usually do a total of 4-6 rounds of the 8 – if that makes sense. You can read more about Tabata HERE. And HERE is a bodyweight Tabata workout. I got some puppy love when I finished.


Dinner last night was so easy to throw together. I baked chicken, then used our leftover mashed sweet potatoes to make chicken tacos. I love putting a layer of mashed sweet potatoes on the top of tortillas when making tacos. It adds so much flavor.


Still supporting local from home: Mexican Villa sweet taco sauce and 4 By 4 seltzer. Mmm.


4 By 4 is still offering curbside pick-up. They have SO many options. You can also take a growler in to fill up. Another one of our favorite breweries, Great Escape, is offering curbside pick-up, too! If you like good craft beer, check both of these places out!


We received our Stay-at-Home order, which goes onto effect Thursday. It lasts for 30 days, so schools are out until at least April 24th. So crazy.

After dinner, we sipped on wine and played Monopoly. Neither of us could remember the last time we played.


Jake crushed me. I ended up losing shortly after this picture was taken. We had a blast playing! It was nice to play a game we hadn’t played in awhile.


Stay safe and healthy, friends!

Happy Wednesday!

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