Sunshine + online resources for parents + virtual cheers!

Yesterday morning, I accidentally slept in WAY later than planned. I was starving when I got up, so I made this breakfast and got set-up in front of my computer. Anyone else like ketchup on their eggs? I usually use ketchup and hot sauce, but I was planning on running after this, so I skipped the hot sauce. Dang acid reflux…hot sauce makes it really flare up during a run.


Around lunch time, Rhea-girl and I headed out for 6 miles in the sunshine. It was wonderful. We took a few breaks for her to play in the water. She was so happy splashing around in the creek.


Rhea and I ran 5 together, then we grabbed Lu from the house and all ran our last mile together. I could not run with the two of them together for very long, but it was pretty fun for that mile! The girls loved it. They kept touching noses. It was precious.


Post-run relaxing in the sunshine. The sun felt SO amazing.


Holy moly, these are DELICIOUS. I bought them by accident, but am so happy I did! I eat gluten, so I didn’t see that these were gluten-free, but they are made from corn. YUM.


One perk of working from home, big plates of randomness for lunch – my favorite. Tofu, broccoli, hummus, and crackers.


I was still hungry after lunch, so I made a protein coffee to sip on while I worked. I love these so much. One scoop of protein, one scoop of collagen powder, then blend together and enjoy!


Around 3:30, I closed my computer and headed to our backyard. It was WAY too nice to be inside. The girls ran around like crazies and I lounged in the sun drinking a La Croix mixed with a Nuun electrolyte tablet.


Jake came home and started burning some piles he raked together the other evening. We decided to grill, so the girls got to eat outside while our dinner cooked.


I sent a virtual cheers to  a few friends.


Dinner was SO good. Turkey burgers with a pita that Jake heated up on the grill right before we ate, so they were the perfect amount of crispy, and a side of asparagus and a spicy pickle spear. I topped our turkey burgers with mustard, ketchup for me and mayo for Jake, goat cheese, and hot sauce.


There’s no one else I’d rather be quarantined with…I’m not sure if he feels the same way. ; )


Here are some online resources for any parent who might be attempting to home school:

PenPal Schools – free right now and you can write to other students.

CS First – free computer science/coding for students

NaNoWriMo – fun writing resource

Concord Consortium – free STEM activities

iCivics – Civics lessons

Google Earth – geography, virtual tours

EDSITEment – you can choose grade-level, literature, social studies, art, and history

San Diego Zoo – lesson plans, games, and live feeds of animals

Glogster – kids can create multimedia posters

Exploratorium – great science ideas

Ology – another great science website

I have hill repeats today, so once the sun comes up, I will be heading out!

Happy Friday Eve, friends!



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