Hill workout + a super easy, delicious side + my heart needed this virtual happy hour!

A friend shared this meme the other day and it made me laugh super hard. I don’t want anyone to tell me I am almost there during a marathon. It’s probably best if no one talks to me at all. Just let me suffer across the finish line then hand me a beer.

We found out yesterday that our 50k in June is postponed. While I’m bummed, it’s not the biggest thing going on right now and that just means I have more time to prepare! Now my goal is to get healthy – I’ve still been having weird ankle, knee, foot, hip stuff occasionally, so this will give me time to focus on healing, strength training, and just running to run. I woke up yesterday at 4AM, but didn’t feel like running in the dark, so I worked on emails, my blog, and vacuumed before heading out for a run. It was nice to knock out so much work before starting my day.


I wanted to knock out some hill work, so I ran a two mile warm-up, then found a loooong semi-steep hill. I ran four repeats of this hill. It hurt.


Post hill workout #1 – still smiling! Barely.


For the second round of hill work, I found a much shorter hill, but it was WAY steeper. Pictures of hills never do them justice. Ouch. I did 4 of these, too, then I did about a 2 mile cool-down to get to 7 miles for the day.


Post hills. My legs were SHOT and I was starving.


I chugged a smoothie after my run, had a Zoom meeting with another learning coach, and my Dad stopped by to pick-up some things I had ordered for him and to measure the area for my desk. My Dad is building me a desk for my office since I’ll be working from home. I am SO excited. It’ll look something like this – he’s going to use pipes for the legs.


Isn’t that going to be amazing? We added some shelves to it, too, but I am over the moon about it. I stand most of the day at school, so I love that I’ll be able to stand or sit. So perfect. And it’s even more special because my Dad is making it. <3

After an afternoon of work, I had lunch. Tofu, broccoli, chips and salsa. Mmm.


After lunch, I knocked out a few more hours of work, then did a little circuit using my bands. Perk of working out at home? Slippers.


I have these bands. I love them. I’ve had them for two years and am impressed with how well they’ve held up.

Covered in dog hair and happy to be finished working out.


I hopped in the shower and threw a different pair of sweats on. Ha! These are the comfiest sweat pants – I got them HERE.


Dinner consisted of leftover turkey burgers, cauliflower rice risotto, and a spicy pickle. Mmm. This cauli risotto is one of my favorite sides. It’s so easy to make! Dump a frozen bag of cauliflower rice (or you can use fresh) into a pan with ghee and whatever spices you would like. We have been using Cajun seasoning lately and I am obsessed with it. Once the cauliflower is cooked, add a little bit of cheese to everything. We like to use pepper jack. Let the cheese melt and then you are ready to chow down! It is so good. And easy!


After dinner, we headed to our side porch to play Cards Against Humanity. Since this really isn’t a game for two people, we just played like normal and then decided who won each round. It was fun! Lots of laughs.


Earlier this week, my running girls and I had decided to do a virtual happy hour Thursday evening. It was SO amazing to see all of them! Kayla was with us, too, but had to leave because she was driving.


The real fun started when we all used our Emojis (Me Mojis)? I don’t know what they’re called. We could not stop laughing. Love and miss you girls!! In these, Alex is a koala bear and a brown bear…haha!



Happy Friday, friends!


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