My coworkers don’t know anything about personal space + earring fun + fooooood!

I was working with a few teachers via video conferencing yesterday and we all got excited about something, so we cheered. Our dogs thought we were excited about them and they jumped up to be included. Rhea stood like this and I could not stop laughing at her. She takes video conferencing VERY seriously.


Lu chose to snooze on a rug in the kitchen.


Ladies, if you like jewelry, check out my friend, Sarah, who owns Sarah’ndipity Designs. She makes the cutest stuff. Now that I am able to wear earrings again, I want to buy all of them! I got these from her yesterday. She left them on her front porch next to a bottle of Lysol. Safety first!

Short back story: I haven’t worn earrings for 6 or so years. My ears were super sensitive and always hurting/infected – it would happen the second I put an earring in. Gross, I know. Well, I have had earrings in for a month now with ZERO issues. So excited!


I am working in shifts with the other learning coaches in my building, so during one of my breaks yesterday, I chowed down on the most delicious lunch. Pita bread, sliced turkey, pepperoni, pepper Jack cheese, and hot sauce with hummus and crackers on the side. Mmm.


My afternoon was busy, and when Jake got home from work, I didn’t feel like waiting on chicken to cook, so I doctored up a frozen pizza and tossed that in the oven. It was amazing. The pizza was a supreme, but I added mushrooms, Cajun seasoning, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, and a balsamic glaze. It was delicious.


Take that, Monday!


This is our first week of working with kiddos from home, so I’m still trying to figure out my schedule. I need to get a run in at some point today – I was WAY too comfy in bed to get up and run before work, ha!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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