Feeling frantic + hourly planning + a favorite for dinner!

Yesterday felt pretty frantic. Between hopping into teachers’ conferences, having my own conference, and trying to answer emails, yesterday was crazy. I am ready for things to settle down a little bit…


This little girl was around to keep my feet warm, so that was nice.


Lunch was delicious – pita bread with turkey, pepper Jack cheese, crackers and hummus.


I am going back to my tried and true hourly planning – I used this when I was working on my dissertation and it helped me stay sane, so we will see if it helps keep me on track next week.


It was gorgeous outside yesterday, so as soon as my last conference was over, Lu and I headed out for a mile, then Rhea and I did two miles. It felt so good to move and be outside.


They’re hard to see, but I am still obsessed with my AfterShokz headphones. They’re SO lightweight and I love that they sit outside your ears. Whenever I wear ear buds that go in your ears, my ears get SO sore. These are the perfect solution to that. I have the pair below.


Dinner last night was one of my favorite meals – sweet and spicy bacon wrapped chicken with brussels. I cooked the chicken in the AirFryer and it turned out perfectly. All you do is wrap chicken tenderloins or breasts with bacon, dip them in a mixture of brown sugar and chili powder, then cook everything. So. Dang. Good. I don’t measure anything, but just make sure you triple the brown sugar to the chili powder.


Check out that goodness. So amazing. I also cooked brussels in the AirFryer – these have ghee, maple syrup, black pepper, and garlic powder. Super simple, but so much flavor.


I woke up to this. How precious are they? As much as I have loved sleeping in until 7, I miss my early mornings. I’m going to try and get back to waking up earlier. I NEED structure. I think these two have loved the extra morning cuddles…


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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