All the Zoom meetings + we missed our half birthdays…+ always hungry!

Track time on Thursday was not great, but my new Trail Sisters Springfield hat helped a little.


Post run smoothies are the best smoothies. I got home just in time to grab my smoothie and hop onto a conference call. I’m thankful my coworkers can’t see how sweaty I am through our Canvas conferences. Ha!


Don’t worry, Southern Hills, these two are keeping our neighborhood safe 24/7. Well, except when Lu falls asleep and Rhea goes in the backyard…


Alex always keeps track of our half birthdays and I love it. So much. Looks like we are getting a yacht! 😉


I had a lot of video conferences yesterday. One with some awesome boss babes, a bunch for work, and one with my running gal pals. It was awesome to see their faces and catch up!


Lunch was tofu, plantain chips, and broccoli bites.


When I finished all my work for the day, the girls and I headed out back to enjoy the sunshine. It was glorious! We played fetch, read, and soaked up the sun.


After our time outside, I was starving, so I came in for a snack. This hit the spot. We are almost out of pickles. I’m sad about it.


We had some thunder yesterday…this girl hates any kind of storm. She sat like this the entire time.


Rhea also got scared and joined Lu in the thunder cuddles.


Dinner last night included elk brats and broccoli and green beans in the AirFryer. It was delicious!


After dinner, we went on a family walk and enjoyed the cool evening after the storm. Still living in my PGP Apparel sweatshirt!


After our walk, I had virtual happy hour with my girls. It was wonderful to see their faces and get caught up!


Becca, in the lower left, gave all of us a good laugh with some of the toilet paper she finally resorted to buying…haha! It’s what commercial places use in their toilet paper dispensers. She finally found regular toilet paper, but this will be a great backup. Ha!


The girls kept teasing me about all of my cheetah…my ring, my phone case, my scrunchie, and my PJs…whoops.


Breakfast during my first conference this morning! Oats with an egg and chicken sausage links. YUM.


We don’t have any crazy plans this weekend, but I do plan on getting a long run in, so I’m excited about that! We also need to mow our yard…it’s out of control with all this rain we’ve had.

I hope each of you is well and staying sane – sending virtual hugs!

Happy Friday, friends!

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