Weekend Wrap-up!

It’s strange right now that the weekend doesn’t really feel like the weekend – does that make sense? Since we need to stay home AND I’m working from home, all the days seem to blend together.

I have been doing some fun online shopping – these cute earrings came Friday afternoon. I can’t wait to wear them!


I spent all of Friday in front of my computer, so I ate whenever I got a free moment. I had a smoothie for lunch and then pretzel sticks and hummus for a snack. If you like Sriracha, put it on your hummus. You’re welcome!


Dinner on Friday consisted of leftover mushrooms and elk brats in Mac’n Cheese. So dang good! I couldn’t tell you the last time I had eaten Mac’n Cheese. It was delicious!


Rhea got lots of relaxing in Friday evening – she did her longest run ever with Jake on Saturday. They did 15 miles!


I didn’t get the memo about a normal picture…


I also managed to ruin our post-run picture. Haha! We knocked out 12 hilly miles. It was so wonderful to run together. We all kept our distance, but our run was tough, so I definitely needed my girls to motivate me.


Jake and I picked up sushi Saturday night. It was incredible. I was SO stuffed after we ate. Thank you, Haruno!


We slept in on Sunday, then I made protein pancakes with eggs and bacon for breakfast.


After breakfast, we loaded up the girls and drove around for a long time. When we got back home, we had sandwiches for lunch, then Jake went paddling and I took a short nap.


After my nap, I hopped on the treadmill and knocked out three easy miles. I wore my Torin IQs, which give you data about your foot strike, cadence, and all that good stuff. I kept getting notifications that I was landing kind of funny, so I wonder if that’s why I was having foot issues awhile ago. I haven’t had anything lately, knock on wood, but I always find this data to be so insightful.


After my run, I showered and decided I wanted to straighten my hair. I am still crazy obsessed with my hot air hairbrush. It’s so easy to use and requires no skills, but your hair looks like you just had a blowout at a salon. Yes, please. I told Jake this picture sums up the real Sunday Funday.


This is the brush I use! It’s AMAZING.

For dinner Sunday, Jake grilled ribeyes and I threw together some veggies. Everything was super good.


We loaded up the girls after dinner for an Andy’s date! We had both been craving ice cream for a few week, so we decided it was time. Everything was super tasty. The girls loved it, too. Obviously.


Guys, I am over the moon about this…my Dad sent me this last night. It’s part of the desk he’s building for me! GAH! Isn’t it gorgeous?? He’s building an L-shaped desk with one side taller so I can stand and the other side shorter so I can sit. It’s going to be AMAZING. This is the shorter side – it will have pipes for legs, too. I can’t wait to see it all put together!


I woke up to this today. She cracks me up!


Today marks four years that Jake and I have been together. Our second wedding anniversary is next month, but we started dating two years before that. You can read all about how we met HERE! I love you, Jacob Ray!

Off to meetings!

Happy Monday, friends!

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