My work family + desk update + I needed that!

I love my work family. We did this to share with our students via social media. We miss our kiddos! Can you spot me?

What my morning view looks like most days…school device, personal device, all the coffee, and foooood.


After my morning meetings yesterday, I hopped on my trainer for a 30 minute bike ride. It felt good to move my legs a little bit after sitting all morning.


My Dad keeps sending me updates about my new desk. I am ecstatic. It means so much to me that he is building this for me. I will cherish it forever.


After I finished up meetings yesterday, I needed to spend some time outside. I mowed our yard and then spent some time raking up gumballs in our front yard. I am SO sore from raking – ha! I’m delicate… ; )

Dinner last night was a bunch of random goodness – chicken taco meat, black beans, corn, plain Greek yogurt, pepper Jack cheese, and salsa. So. Good.


I met my girls for a run this morning. We still got to sleep in – we didn’t meet until 7, but it was SO nice getting to run with friends. My heart needed it.


My hair is back to the length that bruises my shoulder blades when I run…woof. Send prayers my way to encourage me from NOT attempting to chop off my own hair. ; )


We ran a lot of hills this morning. My legs were toast when we finished.


Jordan and Alex also ran with us, but Alex turned back early and Jordan kept going, so it’s just Becca and me in our picture. Thankful for all my girls!


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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