Grocery fun + bleach tie dye + lots of yard work!

I stopped by the grocery store after my run. I think we are stocked up on food for the next few weeks! I bought some fresh produce, but we will go through that this week, so I made sure to stock up on frozen veggies, too. When I got home, I had a smoothie and hopped on to some meetings. I always start checking my email about 7:30AM, which has grown exponentially since we have been remote. Literally ALL the emails. In-between two meetings, I had lunch – tofu and salad. I picked up two bags of the Sunflower Crunch salad kit. It’s one of my favorites.


When I finished with work for the day (around 3:15), I headed outside to do a little tie dye project a boutique owner I follow on Instagram shared yesterday. I grabbed a couple of old things I don’t wear anymore and wrapped them up into a ball. I used hair ties to secure them, then mixed 2 parts bleach with 1 part water – I used a water bottle, but any squirt bottle will work. I put everything in a tub and soaked it with the bleach and water mixture, then laid everything out in the sun and watched it. Some fabrics changed faster than others, so I just waited until each one was how I wanted. I rinsed it out in cold water, then washed in cold water with detergent and dried it the dryer. Thatโ€™s it!! The actual tie dye portion took less than 10 minutes. Now I want to tie dye all the things…


I loved how they turned out! The pink shirt didn’t do anything at all, but the other three turned out cool! These pictures are right after I rinsed everything, before washing.


Here they are after I washed and dried them – I love how the denim shirt turned out. I think it’s my favorite! Such a fun little activity to make it feel like I got new clothes.


I washed all our veggies after the store, so once they dried, I put them in the fridge. Look how monstrous this beet is!! I’ve never seen a beet this big before.


When Jake got home from work, it was time to work out in the yard. We spent the entire evening working, which was so nice because our yard looks so much better. I sipped on a watermelon mint seltzer while we worked. Thanks, 4 By 4!


I love this Pin Oak in our yard. It’s massive and so gorgeous.


I love grilling season. Jake grilled wings and I made veggies in the AirFryer. This dinner was the bomb. I made my new favorite sauce for dipping – plain Greek yogurt, Sriracha, and Everything but they Bagel seasoning. So dang good.


I have loved all of the different Instagram challenges. I was challenged to share our first picture taken together. This is it!! HA! We weren’t officially dating yet – Jake had actually asked me out, but I said no even though I definitely had a huge crush on him. So dumb. Anyway, I’m thankful he didn’t give up on me! We were seeing what Jake would look like with long hair in this picture…


Here is our first picture taken together after officially dating. Obviously I was (and still am) smitten.


We knocked out a 3 mile family run this morning. The girls don’t love early morning selfies…I guess I don’t really blame them.


Happy Wednesday, friends!


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  1. Lindsay

    I think you should share what a multi-week grocery shop looks like for you guys! Then in a year when you look back you can say … WOW … did we really ever have to buy that many groceries at one time! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I personally hope that I don’t ever really have to stock up … I live by myself so I find it IMPORTANT to go to the store once a week for my mental sanity! I also have been frequenting the local Caribou/Starbucks Drive-Thru when I’m having a really bad day and just need a pick me up! ๐Ÿ™‚ What is one thing you do for yourself when you need a pick me up to get through these tough days?

    • papersandpavement

      I don’t have a picture of everything, but I got a lot of frozen veggies! I don’t want to run out of veggies, HA!

      I think my runs are my mental health savers right now. If I can get out and run, I feel like the rest of my day is SO much better. Sending virtual hugs your way!

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