Lu wants to Zoom + mostly food + more bleach tie dye…

Sometimes you need to wear a hat from one of your favorite breweries during a morning run. I also just got THIS shirt from Smartwool and I am obsessed with it…it is covered in pineapples.


After my run and breakfast yesterday, I loaded up the girls and we headed to my parents’ house because we had another house showing. I had a couple meetings for school and Lu wanted to be in our Zoom faculty meeting. She sat like this and stared out the window the entire time.


I cannot stop using bleach to tie dye things. I found some inexpensive Hanes men’s sweats on Amazon and they were my latest project. Here’s how they turned out! I got a little crazy with the bleach, but I love the finished project. You can read all about using bleach to tie dye HERE.


These are the sweats – I love them. So comfy.

I took lunch with me to my parents’ since my meetings were during lunch time – more taco pasta. My parents had some pepper jack cheese spread in their fridge, so I stole some and added it to my pasta. It was delicious. My Dad loves sweet salsa like I do, so they always have peach salsa in their fridge.


After lunch, I hung out with my Mom for a little bit, then came home, knocked out a little computer work, then had a snack – Pop Chips with celery and PB. Working is strange right now – my school year is wrapping up, so there isn’t a ton to do because everyone is working on things for next year. I start teaching for UALR in June, so I am trying to get those classes up and going – it’s just kind of a strange time! I am trying my best to stay productive and knock things off my to-do list.


Dinner last night was tilapia tacos with a side salad. YUM. I cook our tilapia with my all-time favorite seafood seasoning from Primal Palate, then top everything with plain Greek yogurt and hot sauce.


Here’s the best seafood seasoning in the world. For real. I use this on any type of fish and it is SO amazing.

After dinner, we took the girls on a short walk, then relaxed on the couch and watched an episode of Designated Survivor.


Wednesday morning breakfast was two eggs, chicken and apple sausage, and a piece of toast.


We have another showing today, but other than that, I will spend most of the day on my computer. I need to get a run in and some lifting, but that’s about it for my Wednesday! Tomorrow is our last day of school…I can’t believe it. I will have 10 days between the last day of school and my new job starting. It’s an exciting, crazy time!

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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