The best seasoning + orange chicken + struggle bus runs…

After our run yesterday, I grabbed a smoothie and hopped onto my first meeting for the day.


After my morning meetings, I prepped lunch – more tofu in the AirFryer. I use this seasoning on my tofu and it is SO delicious.


Tofu in the AirFryer is literally the best thing ever.


When I finished up my afternoon meetings, the girls and I crawled into bed for a 30 minute nap. I needed to workout, but I just wasn’t feeling it. The nap was incredible.


Dinner last night was orange chicken with quinoa and veggies. I used a little bit of orange sauce mixed with OJ and cornstarch for the sauce, plus some garlic powder, onion powder, and black pepper. It was delicious. All the veggies were cooked in the AirFryer.


I FINALLY got my workout in after dinner. I had a leg/HIIT workout, so I worked up quite the sweat. I felt so good once I was finished…I’m already sore…


Jake and I sat on the couch and had a drink before calling it a night. I drank out of my Galloway cup because I miss going to Galloway. It was probably be the first place we go to when this virus stuff goes away.


I had a rough run this morning. I was on the struggle bus the ENTIRE 8 miles. IG these two wouldn’t have been with me, I would have called it quits after 2 miles. Feeling extra thankful for my group. We will keep running far from each other if it means we can be outside together. Also, social distancing pictures are hard…


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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