Weekend Wrap-up!

The weekend flew by! It was very relaxing, though, so I feel rejuvenated and ready for the week. I took a lunch break sometime Friday and had all of this deliciousness – all leftovers, so it was easy to just throw everything together. My favorite kind of meal.


When I finished up with work for the day, I sipped on a new seltzer from Mother’s Brewing Company here in town. It’s pretty good!


My friend, Alex, is the best – she had this wine glass sent to me as a surprise. It says, “This wine tastes like I’m skipping my morning run.” So perfect!


I had a pretty wild Friday night…Jake was gone, so I made breakfast for dinner – cinnamon and brown sugar pancakes, bacon, and eggs, plus a beermosa on the side. A beermosa is a beer with OJ in it. It’s also sometimes called a Manmoss. Jake loves them!


I started Parks and Rec again…for maybe the 7th time. It’s just so good.


Jake and his Dad did a camp float Friday evening/Saturday morning. I got this picture Friday night. Rhea had the best time.


This little one stayed home with me and we got lots of cuddles while watching Tiger King, which we started after a few episodes of Parks and Rec. I’m almost finished with it…it’s stupid.


Saturday morning started with a bagel before my long run. It took me about two years to figure out what my stomach could handle before long runs. I tried everything – waffles, toast, bagels, bananas…I finally figured out that a white bagel with butter and honey is the best thing for me to eat before logging long miles. It doesn’t upset my stomach or give me acid reflux.


It was amazing to be with these ladies Saturday morning. Even if we had to keep our distance, it did my heart good to talk with them for a few hours. The 6 of us did 10 together, then Jordan and I knocked out 4 more. Those 14 miles felt amazing until the last 2…those hurt.


I had been craving a blueberry cake donut, so when I saw them on sale at the store last week, I got one to have after my long run. It was delicious.


After my run, we picked up my new (to me) car that I will drive to Arkansas occasionally for my new job, then we grabbed Chick-fil-a for lunch. It was amazing.


Here’s the car! It’s perfect for the driving I’ll be doing. It’s a 2016 Toyota Corolla.


We stopped by to see my parents and my Dad was working on my desk. This is the wood he started with…I couldn’t believe it! Below is what it looks like now vs what it will look like once it is totally finished. I LOVE the color. So much.


Jake picked up dinner from The Pitch Saturday and it hit the spot. We shared the brussels appetizer and each got a pizza. I had the Thai Chili Shrimp. It was unusual and super delicous!


I slept in Sunday, which was incredible. Jake and Rhea were finishing their run about the time Lu and I got up, so I started on breakfast – eggs with beets, chicken sausage, and toast. Mmm.


Sometimes you need to throw on hoops and Vans to run a few errands. Jake made fun of me the entire time we were out.


We washed the top portion of our Ruggablerug for the first time yesterday. It was SO easy. We love this rug. My only complaint is that the suction of my Dyson vacuum is too strong, so I have to use the detachable vacuum feature, which takes forever. Other than that, we really like it. We have THIS one in 8×10. Update: it washed and dried perfectly in our washer and dryer at home – I was impressed!


Our Easter dinner consisted of Pringles, pistachios, delicious steak, and mushrooms. It was delicious. I have about half of this steak left, so it’ll make some yummy leftovers. After dinner, we watch a movie called Badland and just relaxed on the couch. It was wonderful. The movie was pretty good! Not my favorite and not one I’d watch again, but it was a decent flick. Jake loved it – he loves Westerns.


I love these updates from my Dad. This desk is going to be the best thing ever.


Ready to crush this week!

Happy Monday, friends!

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