Missing my Grandma + easy meals + mowing in the cold?!

This picture from two years ago popped up on Facebook and made me smile. I’ve been missing my sweet Grandma a lot lately. I always loved this picture of us with my Mom.


Post chiropractor smiles – I haven’t been having any foot, ankle, knee, or hip issues lately!! Fingers crossed I continue to run healthy.


I keep forgetting to meal prep, so lunch was a big kid Lunchable – crackers, tuna, and dairy-free cheese. So delicious!


I used my new red dip powder to give myself a manicure. I am nowhere near as good as a nail salon, but it works!


It’s sad when you have to bundle up to mow your yard. It was so chilly yesterday.


I love a freshly mowed yard. I squeezed this in in-between meetings yesterday.


Dinner was a bunch of different random things – a wrap, peas, and leftover sweet potato fries. I need to meal plan for the rest of the week. I haven’t been feeling motivated to plan, so we have just been having whatever is easy, but I definitely feel more prepared when I have a plan.


Not our best picture…haha! We knocked out 6 miles this morning and it felt super hard. My body was just worn out.


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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