All the leftovers + beer bread + we are selling our home!

I made a massive egg and veggie scramble Tuesday morning, but couldn’t eat all of it, so this will be great to have this morning! I have been using up any type of leftovers that we have, so that feels good. I don’t want to go to the store, at all, so we are eating through everything we have at our house.


One of my teacher friends shared some beer bread that she made last week. It looked so delicious, so I had to copy her. Holy cow. SO amazing and so easy. Thanks, Lacey!


Here’s the recipe. I did 4TBS of butter instead of 6 and I think it turned out perfectly.

Dinner last night was spaghetti squash topped with ground chicken, leftover peas, spaghetti sauce, Sriracha, and balsamic glaze. Plus the incredible beer bread!


I had already had a massive slice of the bread, but I NEEDED another one with dinner…I topped ours with honey. I could eat the entire loaf…


We made drinks in our Galloway cups and pretended that we were there. We miss you, Galloway!!


Welp, big news over here – we are selling our home! You know the whole man plans vs God plans? Yep! We had planned to be in our current home for a few more years while we looked for land to build on. God had other plans. We found a plot kind of outside of town a few months ago and LOVED it. Long story short – we ended up deciding to pass on that 20 acres. We were sad, but just didn’t have the best feeling about it and we wanted to stay closer to town. Jake started looking closer to our current home and he found the PERFECT spot. 5 acres with a home and some outbuildings already on the property. We looked at the home twice and made an offer. Everything is happening super quickly, which is both terrifying and exciting. While we are sad to be leaving our home that we JUST moved into, literally a year ago this month, we could not pass up this opportunity to get some much wanted land. Stay tuned!! Prayers and positive vibes are appreciated. Here is our current home. We love it.


Happy Wednesday, friends!

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