I have the best Dad + desk updates + going through stuff!

After my run Thursday morning, I rushed home, made breakfast, loaded the girls up, and headed to my parents’. The professional photographer came to do our interior pictures, so we wanted to stay out of his way. When I got to my parents’, I hopped onto a meeting, got caught up on a few things, then spent some time taking care of work stuff. I took a break to go hang with my Dad in his workshop. He has converted his side of the garage into a woodworking shop. And it’s amazing. He was working away at the legs for the desk. I know I say this a lot, but I am so excited for this desk. And the fact that my Daddy is making it for me makes it all that more special. I get kind of choked up when I think about it. Here is the finished wood color. It’s PERFECT.


This is the pipe he’s using for the legs. He’s cutting this into all different shapes. It was so fun to watch him work for awhile. He taught me all kinds of stuff and even let me attempt to thread one of the pipes. It’s freaking hard work. He is threading each leg himself. He literally bought a threader and taught himself how to do everything. He’s amazing. For real. He impresses me every dang day. I am SO very blessed to have him as my Dad.


Here he is getting ready to thread the end. The entire process was so fun to watch!


My Mom and I sipped coffee and chatted. She got to wave at a few of my coworkers, too, which she thought was so fun.


My Mom is definitely our biggest fan. Jake is on the cover of the latest issue of Springfield FitLife – you can see it HERE. It’s an awesome picture, probably one of my favorite. Our friend, Brandi, who owns BGstudios Photography took it. She’s the BEST. This issue came out a month or so ago, so it’s recent. I love that she has it in their living room. The one that made me laugh is the Matco Tools catalog…from 2018. Our friend, Dan, and I are on the cover. But it’s from 2018! She always has it out on display. Haha! Brandi also took that picture. I wasn’t lying. She really is the best. Thanks, Mom, for always being proud of us, no matter what it’s about.


After working at my parents’, we came home, did a few more things, then NEEDED a nap. I slept for about an hour and it was fantastic. I woke up feeling so much better, so I knew I needed the nap. Sometimes I’ll nap and wake up feeling worse. I hate that.


I decided to go through some clothes yesterday…I decided to start with pants. Not that I’ve been wearing these lately, HA! I hate real pants. I got rid of a few pairs, so the ones I do actually wear fit a little bit better in my closet.


Dinner last night was quick and easy to make. We had Boca veggie burger patties, topped with goat cheese and BBQ sauce, green beans, and beets. This hit the spot.


I have not been sleeping well this week. I am having a hard time falling asleep and then I wake up a ton once I do finally fall asleep. It’s miserable. I slept in till 7 today, am about to make breakfast, then I’ll knock out a little work.

I need to lift later and might ride my trainer, but we will see how the day goes! I have 10 miles in the morning, which I’m looking forward to. I hope your weekends are relaxing!

Happy Friday, friends!

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