Weekend Wrap-up!

Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal. I’ve been loving this egg scramble lately. Extra bonus is a piece of beer bread. Jake likes his with jelly on it, so I gave that a try. It’s good, but I prefer honey on mine.


Here are some desk updates from my Dad. He sent these to me Friday afternoon. He is incredible. I LOVE how it turned out.


I experimented with a few different beers. The vanilla porter loaves were my favorite, but I honestly think any beer is amazing in this bread. The 312 was also super delicious.


Have you ever seen anything this pretty?! I wish you could have smelled these. My house smelled amazing. There’s nothing quite like fresh bread.


Here’s the beer bread recipe – let me know if you make it!!

When I finished a couple of meetings, I went to deliver some loaves of beer bread to my parents and sister. It was still warm when I dropped it off. They inhaled it. Ha!


Lunch on Friday was another adult Lunchable, followed by more beer bread and some popcorn. I cannot stop eating the beer bread…it’s just SO good.


We were craving pizza, so that’s just what we had Friday. We ordered take-out from Rocco’s. It was amazing.


The best text ever. My desk is finished!! I cannot wait to see it in my office.

Rhea’s favorite way to nap.


My Saturday started in the best way possible – with a long run! Last week was a down week for me, so my long run was 10 easy miles. It felt hard, which is pretty usual for me during down weeks. I’m thankful Jordan joined me for the run. The weather was incredible!


I don’t know how this is comfortable, but she sleeps like this a lot…


I usually drink my coffee black, but I am obsessed with oat milk lattes. I found this and gave it a shot. Holy wow – it’s incredible. I have to limit myself to putting it in my last cup of coffee each day. I could drink this entire container…


Post-run stretches with my babies.


I polished off all of our leftovers Saturday after my run – pepperoni pizza and the most delicious cinnamon bites. I may or may not have eaten the rest of the frosting with a spoon…


Saturday was the BEST day – my sweet, hard-working Dad delivered my new desk. How perfect is this??? I am obsessed. And SO impressed. It means so much to me and I will cherish this desk forever.


We were both craving salads for dinner, so we got delivery from Bambino’s, which was incredible. We also needed some cookies after dinner…


We spread some new mulch in our backyard Saturday afternoon. I love how it turned out!


I couldn’t wait to put my office space together. I love that I can stand or sit to work. So amazing.


We spent Saturday evening on our side porch, listening to music. Rhea thinks she’s a lap dog, which I don’t hate.


Sunday morning consisted of a little sleeping in, then a huge egg scramble with a piece of beer bread. Mmm.


I added my diploma to my desk. It is now complete. I’ve never worked for anything as hard as I worked for this piece of paper. I don’t want to hang it since our house is on the market, but as soon as we move, it’ll be hung above my new desk!


I spent the morning at my desk. I’m in love. I organized a few things, too. The space is incredible.


Jake and Rhea went wheeling, so Lu and I organized and relaxed.


Sometimes you just need to make grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches for dinner. With chips and salsa. We threw in some broccoli for good measure.


Happy Monday, friends!

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