Jake judges me…+ the best sweet potato rounds recipe + some of my favorite recent Amazon finds!

Oh hey, it’s me again…raving about breakfast food. Beer bread and egg scrambles make the world go ’round. Oh, and LOTS of coffee…


I had to bring Rhea’s dog bed from our living room into my office so Lu would sit somewhere other than on my lap. HA! Lulu head butts things when she wants something, so she kept head butting me leg and crying because I wouldn’t let her have my office chair. The dog bed has helped SO much. She literally slept here like this all day yesterday while I worked.

Sometimes I can go a little overboard on sending memes to Jake…apparently yesterday was one of those times…


This is one of my favorite sides – sweet potato rounds in the AirFryer! Plus, any time I can use a combination of brown sugar and chili powder, I am going to – it’s probably one of my favorite seasoning combos. All you do is slice sweet potatoes to your desired thickness, mix ghee, brown sugar, and chili powder with the sliced sweet potatoes. I don’t measure anything, but if I had to guess, I used 1TBS ghee, 2TBS brown sugar, and 1/2TBS chili powder with two sweet potatoes. Once everything is mixed together, bake in the AirFryer at 400 degrees for for 20 minutes, shaking once halfway through.


Here’s everything mixed together. Ready to go into the AirFryer!


Our dinner consisted of balsamic chicken, topped with BBQ sauce and shredded cheese and our sweet potato rounds. SO good!


Here are some of my recent Amazon finds! I am ALWAYS on the hunt for a good deal. I also do Subscribe & Save every month, which ensures we never run out of toothpaste, laundry detergent, protein powder, etc. Also, by signing up for a recurring deliveries of things you use regularly, you can save 15%! I waited WAY too long to do that. It really is a good way to save a little bit of money. I’ll share some of those items, too! Just click on the picture of each item for more information.

This is one of our Subscribe & Save items. I have been using this collagen for about 2 years now. I love it. It is unflavored, so I add it to either our smoothies or my coffee daily.

Guys, these shoes are AMAZING. I am always skeptical about shoes because I am pretty picky. I have Birkenstocks that I love, but HOLY COW – these are somehow MORE comfortable than my Birks. I am SO impressed. I had my Mom try them on the other day and she loved them, too, so we got her a pair for Mother’s Day. They come in different colors, too! I got the snake skin, but they also have white, black, red, and gold. I love the cork on these…it’s so smooth and feels like butter. 10/10 in my opinion. 
This is another Subscribe & Save item – I love good smells, so I love adding this to our laundry. It’s not overpowering, which is important because Jake doesn’t love scents like I do. This is a good compromise for us. 
We needed a new indoor rug for our front door, but everything I was finding was too thick for the door. I FINALLY found this indoor non-slip rug and I am obsessed. It’s super high quality and is very thin, but sturdy. It looks perfect by our front door. There are a few different patterns to choose from, too.

I am always needing phone chargers, but I don’t like the short ones. I found these 10 foot ones and I love them. They’re braided, so I feel like that makes them a little sturdier, too.

I hate the metal backing for earrings, so I got these clear plastic backs to wear instead. I love them. 

This is another Subscribe & Save item and it’s a game changer! Our girls never have stinky breath anymore. I just add a capful to their water every time I fill it up.

These are the chalkboard labels that I have. I love them. Sometimes chalkboard labels don’t erase very well, but these do, which I like. They’re definitely reusable.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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