Chicken sisters + lots of random food + before & after!!

How I spent my morning. It was storming and Rhea was scared…can you spot her? These two are a hot mess when it storms – such chickens!


I had a smoothie for breakfast, which was delicious. Then I decided I needed nachos for lunch. Tortilla chips, chicken, dairy-free cheese, BBQ sauce, and Sriracha. They were delicious.


I took my nachos back to my computer and hopped onto a Zoom call with some friends. It was a wonderful lunch! Until I had some Internet issues and got kicked out of our meeting…


The last thing I wanted to do yesterday was workout. Since I ran on Monday, I used Wednesday as a rest day from running. I texted Jake and told him I was avoiding a workout. He said he has skipped his this morning and regretted it, sooooo I hopped on the trainer for 20 minutes, did a short lifting workout, then walked a mile on the treadmill. It was better than nothing and I definitely felt better after!


After my workout, I was craving popcorn. I accidentally ate this entire bag…


I found this before picture of my desk area – it’s crazy how much one piece of furniture can change a space.


Here’s the after! I am still obsessed…


I love working at this desk. So much. It means so much to me that my Dad made this entire thing for me. I will cherish it forever.


Jake got home from work, did a short workout, then we loaded up the girls and headed out for a little drive. We had both been craving the new BBQ bacon burger from Braum’s, so we grabbed that for dinner on our way home. It was delicious. I ate half and saved the other half for lunch today…I am already excited about it!


How many colors are too many colors? HA! Purple shorts, green shirt, teal socks, blue hat…


6 rainy miles with these gals to kick-off our Thursday! I love a good rainy run.


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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