My daily planning trick + delicious tacos + weekend fun!

We have had smoothies for breakfast all week, which has been good. It’s nice to have something that I can sip on while I work in the mornings. Smoothies are easier to eat while in conference calls than egg scrambles…HA! I had the rest of my leftover burger from Braum’s for lunch on Thursday, plus a big side salad. This meal hit the spot!


I was having a hard time being productive during the day when this Stay-at-Home order first passed, so I went back to my tried and true hourly planning trick. I used this the entire year I worked from home when I was completing my dissertation and it’s a game changer. It helps me stay on track! I don’t always get things accomplished during the hour they’re”scheduled”, but I usually manage to fit them in somewhere during the day. I write extras off to the side for when I have a little extra time to squeeze things in. This trick really helps me!

Jake went on a run when he got home from work. He didn’t take Rhea since it was pretty warm and humid. She was a sad girl. She ALWAYS runs with him. She sat like this until he got home. We want to ease her into warmer runs. She’s such a furball and gets crazy hot when it’s warm outside. She has only been running with us in the AM, so PM runs will take a little bit of work.


Dinner last night consisted of chicken tacos and my favorite brussels. This was super easy. I cooked the ground chicken with a little chicken taco seasoning and chicken stock on the stove. While that was cooking, I mixed together olive oil, balsamic vinegar, honey, garlic powder, and black pepper – I dumped that onto my halved brussels sprouts, then put those into the AirFryer for 20 minutes on 370°.

We also had margaritas on the side, because why not? So. Delicious. I topped our tacos with a little shredded cheese, a small scoop of plain Greek yogurt, salsa, and a Sriracha.


After dinner, we went on a long walk with the girls, which was so nice, then we crawled into bed to watch a little TV before calling it a night.


We are celebrating Jake’s parents’ anniversary tonight, I have a long run Saturday morning, and then we will see my parents Saturday evening. It’ll be a great weekend full of family time! I hope your weekend is wonderful! We are (hopefully) getting close to our quarantine time being over…May 3rd/4th is the current date. SO ready for that! I am SUPER thankful we also spend a lot of time with families – we feel very safe being around them, but we still practice social distancing. Better safe than sorry!

Happy Friday, friends!

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