Mostly food + the best acronym + we swear by this stuff!

Sunday evening, Jake and I were both craving wings, so we picked up some of our favorites from Coyote’s – twice fried Ragin’ Cajun. So. Dang. Good. I threw together a salad for us for good measure. Balance! We have started a new show on Netflix and are obsessed with it – Designated Survivor. It is SO good.


Monday morning consisted of sleeping in until about 6:30, seeing Jake off to work, then heating this up for breakfast. I really like this cauliflower hot cereal. I add a tablespoon to it after I heat it up in the microwave and it is crazy delicious. I had some chicken sausage on the side.


I worked all morning on the computer, then took a break for lunch. I had all the leftovers – a wrap with chicken, pepperoni, and DF cheese, and spaghetti squash with a little ranch on top. This hit the spot!


After lunch, we had a showing for our house, so the girls and I drove around. After, I hopped back onto my computer, did a little more work, then we crawled into bed for a little nap. It was just what we needed. Rhea was extra cuddly.


Alex sent me this text yesterday and it made me laugh super hard. She said, “W.W.C.D. (what would Chelsea do) with frozen broccoli?” HAHAH! Ghee and coconut aminos. Always!

Dinner last night was taco salad. Start with tortilla chips, then layer with spinach, a protein of your choice (we used ground chicken), shredded cheese, salsa, and plain Greek yogurt. So good and SO easy.


After dinner, I took an Epsom salt bath. I used to do a great job of soaking. I need to get back to being more dedicated. I really think Epsom salt baths help my muscles. I have been having sore knees for a couple of days, so I relaxed in the tub for 20 minutes.


After my bath, I iced. I probably should’ve done my icing and soaking in reverse order, but oh well. While I iced, we watch two episodes of Designated Survivor. I honestly think I could binge the ENTIRE series (there are three seasons) in one sitting. It’s that good.


Jake and I swear by CBD oil. We use this anywhere we have soreness/pain and I really think it helps. I’ve been putting it on my knees twice a day this week.

I met these girls for 7 miles in the sunshine this morning. My knees felt a lot better when I woke up, so I was thankful for that! The weather this morning was incredible, too, which I loved.


After my run, I showered, picked up the house, had breakfast, then loaded up the girls to go to my parents’ to work because our house is being shown. I had this massive egg scramble and a piece of beer bread…I was going to try and not make any this week, but I NEEDED it, so I made a loaf last night.


Happy Tuesday, friends!

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