Busy day + smart girls + delicious dinner!

I only took three pictures yesterday – that’s how you know it was a busy day! I spent the morning working at my patents’ house. My sister and niece stopped by, so I got to hang out with them for a little bit. Eleanor was eating, so the girls got smart and didn’t get far from her. Lots of puffs and dry cereal were inhaled off the floor. Rhea was covered in crumbs when Eleanor finished her meal.


I had a smoothie for lunch, which was delicious. I decided to use up some of the frozen food in our freezer for dinner. We had shrimp, butternut squash noodles, and mashed cauliflower. It was all super delicious. I love the Bird’s Eye frozen mashed cauliflower. It’s the best of all the brands I’ve tried. I cooked the shrimp with ghee and Primal Palate’s Seafood seasoning, which is my favorite seafood seasoning. It’s amazing. Click the picture below to check it out. I buy it in bulk…


Here is the seafood seasoning we love!

Here it is in bulk:

Sometimes you need a little Halo Top after dinner….sometimes a “little” is the whole pint…any other birthday cake flavor lovers out there? It’s my favorite!


I have had a couple people ask which foam rollers I use, so I thought I’d share those again. These are my worst enemies/best friends…

I love this one for body weight foam rolling. I roll out my legs, back, anything with this.

I love this when the pressure of my body weight is too much. This one is really good for using in hard to reach places on my legs. The black section on each side is a handle, so you don’t lay on this one, you use your hands to move it up and down.

We had some crazy storms last night, so Jake worked through the night. I stayed up WAY too late reading. It’s been a long time since I’ve done that. It was really nice, but I’m a little sleepy this morning. I slept in till 6 and now I’m knocking some things off my to-do list before I hop on my computer for the day.

Happy Wednesday, friends!

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