Shirts speak the truth + can’t stop reading + thank goodness for frozen food…

This egg scramble and beer bread breakfast is making my mornings so wonderful right now. 14D458B3-C6C2-4B7A-9139-43B399F2E697

We went to my parents’ house to work Wednesday morning. I drank all the coffee and got lots of Lu love.

On our drive home, Lu made herself a bed on the floorboard. She’s so goofy. She hates my leather seats because she slides all over the place on them. She prefers to sit on the carpet on the floor.


Lunch was super random back at home – a leftover chicken wing, carrots and hummus, and a protein shake. 


After lunch, I sat on the couch and read for two hours. It was amazing. I need to be doing more of that. I changed into workout clothes so I could run, but then I curled back up on the couch for a little more reading. If you have any good book recommendations, send them my way, please!


Around 3PM, I finally hopped on the treadmill for a short run. I watched a little Parks and Rec while I ran.


I sure love seeing this desk every day! I think my office is my favorite room in our house.


Sometimes you just need cheese and bean burritos for dinner. I was feeling lazy last night, so I heated up frozen burritos for us for dinner. They were amazing.


Couch cuddles after dinner, followed by a long walk with the girls.


6 miles in the most perfect running weather with these gals this morning. Rhea sits like this any time she is in my SUV. It cracks me up.

If you need a laugh…here ya go! We have a single step leading from our laundry room into our living/dining room. I was stepping onto it when Rhea took me out at the feet. She was sitting in our living room and all of a sudden sprinted from the living room into the laundry room and knocked me over. She ran right into my shins as I was stepping onto the step. I slammed against the step and everything flew out of my hands. The worst part? She spilled my coffee…cool cool cool.I’m going to have a monster bruise on my thigh, which is what hit the step. I was not happy…


Another egg scramble and beer bread combo!


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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