Crazy hair + Epsom salt soaks + ready for the weekend!

I’ve been making smoothies in the morning before Jake leaves for work, but I’ve been saving mine for lunch. It’s perfect because I still get to have my delicious egg scramble and beer bread for breakfast. I sipped on my smoothie during meetings yesterday.


When I finished with work for the day, I hopped in the tub for an Epsom salt soak. I swear by Epsom salt soaks and I’m sad I haven’t done a better job of making them a priority. They really do help my sore muscles.


Lu was extra cuddly and fell asleep like this. I loved it.


I haven’t been able to figure out which dog has been getting into one of our plants in the living room…I caught her red handed! That fur captures everything! Do you see the plant part by her neck?


I finished my book yesterday! It was so nice to relax and read for a little bit. These two were ready to be fed, so they stared at me like this until I fed them.


Dinner last night was homemade pizza and salad. It was delicious. I topped our pizza with spaghetti sauce, leftover ground chicken, turkey pepperoni, feta cheese, and mushrooms. YUM.


It’s that time of year when my hair gets extra crazy with all the humidity. I very rarely wear my hair down in the summer. It’s just a monster.


I am excited for the weekend! I have a 17-mile run Saturday, which we are going to attempt on trail. I can’t wait for some trail time! My knee has been a little off all week, so we will see how things go. No matter what, it will be amazing to spend 3 plus hours with some of my people on trail!

Happy Friday, friends! Ooooh, and happy May!

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