Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend a full one! It was filled with friends, long trail runs, and a productive but relaxing Sunday. Friday started with a couple meetings, then I loaded the girls up and we headed to join a fun drive-by parade for our friends Trevor and Jordan who were supposed to get married on Friday. It was so fun to help them have a little fun despite the circumstances. The girls loved it, too!


Lunch on Friday consisted of tofu, beer bread, and salad.


Friday evening, we went to a block party in our neighborhood, which was a blast. I even put on real clothes. This denim shirt is one of the things I tie-dyed with bleach a few weeks ago. I love how it turned out.


One of the neighbors in Southern Hills hosted the block party. There was a DJ, which was so fun. Everyone brought chairs and just sat outside enjoying the music and amazing weather we had. Jake’s Dad and stepmom live in our same neighborhood and were right next to where the DJ was set-up, so Jake and I took the girls over there and hung with them for a little bit.


We were both craving burgers, so we grabbed Black Sheep for dinner and it hit the spot. I LOVE their salt and vinegar fries. They’re delicious.


Saturday morning we loaded up the car, grabbed Rhea, and headed to Two Rivers to get in some trail time. Rhea was pretty excited about it. Here she is pre-run. We took a similar post-run picture. We both look worn out. Keep scrolling…


I had a rough start to my run Saturday morning. Every step felt hard. My legs were heavy, I couldn’t catch my breath, and things just weren’t going well. I stuck to the back of the group and just tried to get into a rhythm. I wiped out around mile 3. I wasn’t picking up my feet and I fell really hard. Everyone turned around and asked if I was okay. I was on the verge of tears – partly out of pain and partly out of frustration. I got up and told them I was fine, so we kept going. It was the was the best decision – around mile 4, I started to feel better and the rest of the run was wonderful. All 16 miles! I was thankful for that.


The best part of the whole day? River sitting and beer sipping when we finished. Rhea loved it, too. This was her longest trail run!


Here’s our post-run picture! A little bit worn out, but very content.


I love how trail runs look on a map. Here’s what we did Saturday morning. It was hot and humid, which definitely took some getting used to. We were thankful for the shade!

I didn’t have any major scrapes from falling during my run, so I was thankful for that! Just a few scratches on my quad/hip.


I LOVE hard seltzers. I don’t know how I survived without them for so long. I have tried just about all of them. These are new and they are AMAZING. Probably my favorite so far. They’re called Vizzy and I highly recommend.



Sunday morning consisted of sleeping in, coffee in bed, and a little Hulu. I just started watching Little Fires Everywhere. It’s SO good. I’m really enjoying it.


I haven’t meal prepped lunches in a LONG time. I decided we needed it, so I knocked out a quick prep late Sunday morning. Burger patties and veggies for Jake, fish and veggies for me.


When I finished meal prep, I hopped on the treadmill for two slow shake-out miles. It was the last thing I felt like doing, but my legs were SO sore from our trail run. I needed to get them moving a little bit. The furball is never far from one of us.


Lunch was a bunch of random leftovers and a salad.


This furry monster napped while I knocked out six loads of laundry.


My sore muscles needed a little Epsom salt soak. There’s no privacy when it’s close to supper time for this hungry girl…


Sometimes you just need to top your dinner with some chocolate chips and marshmallows. This smoothie was out of this world.


A night cap of a little popcorn.


My new favorite seltzer. If you’re a seltzer fan, get Vizzy. It’s amazing.


I have had a few people ask about the AirFryer we use – we have this one! I LOVE it. I was skeptical at first, but Jake’s parents got it for us and I bet I use it almost once a week. Total game changer.

Happy Monday, friends!

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