Weekend Wrap-up!

Jake and I were talking about the weekend this morning and we both feel like it FLEW by. It was full of family time, which was amazing, but I could’ve used one more day. I had this deliciousness for lunch on Friday – leftover chicken and sweet potatoes with a big salad on the side.

When I finished with work for the day, I made a protein coffee and hopped into the tub for an Epsom salt soak. After my soak, I noticed Rhea having a head tremor, which we have seen her do a few times in the past few weeks. I called our vet and they were able to get us right in. They did some blood work and I sent them a video I had taken of Rhea having a tremor. Our vet thinks it is seizure-related, but we should know more today when we get the blood test results back. Whatever is happening to her is VERY mild and doesn’t last long. She is her normal self the rest of the time. We are praying it’s nothing serious!

Jake got home from work and we headed to his aunt and uncle’s house to celebrate his uncle’s birthday and his cousin’s high school graduation.

I inherited a bunch of super cute earrings from my Grandma when she passed away, so I’ve been wearing them a lot. I love this pair from her. It makes me smile every time I wear one of them.

We had all kinds of amazing things for dinner Friday night. I inhaled this plate…aaaand had some cookie cake. It was SO good.

Saturday morning started with 12 miles with these two. We started about an hour late because I had an upset stomach. This run was super hard for me. My legs felt heavy, I had no energy, and I wanted to just quit. I was extra thankful I had these girls with me. I definitely needed them to keep me going! We all felt the same way, so we took our time, chatted nonstop, and listened to some music.

After our run, all I wanted was Chick-fil-A breakfast. This hit the spot. I was so happy. I fell during mile 10 of our run, which was so lame. We were literally on a sidewalk and I just ate concrete. Thank goodness I kind of caught myself and didn’t get super hurt. I have some scrapes and bruises, but that’s it! I have now fallen two weekends in a row…once on trail and once on the road.

After my breakfast, I did 5 loads of laundry and vacuumed the house, then I got some serious cuddles from this little girl.

My sister found some $10 dresses at Walmart and asked me to do bleach tie-dye on it for her. She picked one up for me, too, so I worked on that Saturday afternoon. I LOVE how they turned out! It’s SO easy to do. Mix equal parts bleach and water on a water bottle. Use hair ties to wrap the clothing however you like and then spray everything with the bleach and water mixture. I just put these in the sink, but last time I did everything outside. Both ways worked great! I just watched the fabric to see how it changed and once it was how I wanted it to be, I rinsed everything on cold water and then washed in the washing machine like normal. That’s it! So simple. I think the entire process took about 10 minutes, not including the washing.

I also got some cuddles with our furriest baby. She was her normal self all weekend! No tremors at all.

Saturday evening, we met some friends for drinks and I wore my favorite shirt. It says, “I will flip this table.” HA!

We sat outside, enjoyed delicious drinks, and ordered good food. It was wonderful!

I tried this hard seltzer for the first time. It’s pretty dang good!

We have been friends since we were 15…we rarely take normal pictures together. I don’t know why…Jake and I loved getting to spend time with some of our people.

We took Lu and Rhea with us Saturday night. It must’ve been a lot of excitement because Lu passed out the second we walked in the door.

Sunday morning started with some miles in the sunshine with my little family. We did 3 miles and enjoyed the wonderful weather.

After our run, we headed to my parents’ house for lunch. It was SO good.

Between running and playing fetch with my Dad, Lu passed out in his arms before we left. He is her favorite person. Ever.

We had dinner with Jake’s parents. Jake grilled burgers and everything was so tasty. We normally have both of our families over for Mother’s Day and we missed doing that this year. Next year, it’s on!! So thankful we got to spend time with our families on Sunday. Dawn came over for a drink before dinner,

We had so much good food all day Sunday. I think I’m still full…

After dinner, we all hung out by the fire pit. Obviously our girls are super unloved…

I am so blessed to have all these women in my life! I can’t imagine life without them. Huge shoutout to my Momma – I wouldn’t be who I am without her! I love all of you!!

Happy Monday, friends!

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