A little Monday meal prep + the most delicious whipped cream + rainy!

Monday started with my current breakfast obsession. Oats and an egg and veggie scramble.


I had a few end of year things to do for work yesterday morning, then I got started on a little Monday meal prep. We are having chicken salad for lunch this week. This has shredded chicken, grapes, celery, red onion, walnuts, plain Greek yogurt, dill, garlic powder, black pepper, and onion powder. So good.


After prepping, it was lunch time. Chicken salad and leftover sweet potato fries with ketchup. Anyone else like black pepper on their ketchup? Jake and I both love it!


When I finished with work for the day, I did a dip powder manicure at home. They turned out pretty good! I love being able to do this at home, but it definitely does not last as long as when I go to a salon.


Oh. My. Gosh. This coconut milk Reddi Wip is AMAZING. I saw this at Price Cutter the other day and had to try it. Wow. I feel like my life was incomplete before this. I topped my chocolate and veggie smoothie with some of this and it made it even better than before! YUM. 10/10 recommend.


This was taken after Jake and I squeezed into an armchair together and coaxed Rhea to sit on our laps. It was hilarious and she did not love it. HA! We all settled for our own spots and I sipped on some tea while we watched Designated Survivor. It’s SO good. If you’re needing a new Netflix show, check it out.


It was POURING when I got up to meet the girls for a run, so we decided to do our own thing today. I am about to hop on my treadmill before making breakfast and heading up to school to help with passing out things to students and cleaning out my office. It will most likely be my last time going to school, which is so strange. Lots of emotions today! I am excited to see my work people, though!

Happy Tuesday, friends!

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