Our pups are sweet + in my office at school for the last time + tready time!

Lu always sleeps on Jake’s side of the bed. Probably because that’s where the throw is, but it always makes me laugh. I think she knows I need lots of space when I sleep.


It was super rainy Tuesday morning, which I normally love, but it was POURING and cold, which isn’t fun to fun in, so I hopped on the treadmill for an easy 6 miles. I watched The Office while I ran.


I am ALMOST tired of this breakfast…but now I don’t know what I’m going to have…anyone else do that? You eat something so much that you get sick of it? I’m super guilty of that. Obviously.


I went up to school yesterday to help with passing out student items from lockers. We didn’t have many students come by, but it was fun hanging out with my work peeps. While I was up at school, I cleaned out my desk. I shared this office with 5 other coaches. My desk is the one with the brown bag sitting on top. I got everything cleaned out and loaded in my car. It was kind of sad emptying out my desk. I have to go back to school to give my device back after our last day, which is next Thursday (the 21st), but after that, I won’t be in the building again. I had planned to teach summer school this summer, but UALR (University of Arkansas at Little Rock) has me teaching 4 classes this summer, so I think I’ll be plenty busy and won’t have time for summer school. It’s weird to think that after next Thursday, I will be officially finished with my current position.


After being at school, I came home and had lunch. Chicken salad, a side salad, and a Hawaiian roll. YUM.


It rained ALL day, so when I finished with work for the day, the girls and I crawled into bed with a good book. Rhea likes to plop down right on top of us when she cuddles.


I made spaghetti for Jake for dinner – here’s his plate! He said it was delicious.


I had a smoothie with a little spaghetti sauce on the side. It smelled SO good, I just had to have a little. It was delicious!


Our weather is still kind of gross today, so I will get some more treadmill miles in here in a little bit. I’m moving kind of slow today. I’ve been staying up later than usual, which has me sleeping until 7 or so. I don’t like sleeping that late because I feel like I miss out on the morning, which is my favorite time of day. I need to go to bed earlier tonight and get back to my normal schedule! My ideal schedule is bed between 8:30 and 9, then up at 5. It works the best for me and I feel super rested.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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