Burnt out on this + an amazing workout for you to try + protein coffee!

Yesterday was the last day of this breakfast, I have loved it, but I definitely burnt myself out on this…whoops. Don’t worry, I will never get sick of coffee. EVER.

IMG_1260 2

I normally try to run on an empty stomach, but I woke up feeling worn out Wednesday morning, so I took my sweet time getting around to running and working out. A little before lunch time, I hopped on the treadmill and knocked out 4 miles.


These two sat like this the entire time I ran…


After my run, I did this workout. It was such a good one! I just watched my watch and switched things up every minute. I did this twice through, starting backwards the second time. I was drenched when I finished. I am going to remember this!


I was starving when I finished my run and workout, so I threw some chicken salad in a tortilla and had a side salad. I inhaled all of this food…also, orange Zevia is my favorite.


These two…they’re the cutest. I think they were waiting for a couple pieces of ice, which is one of their favorite treats.


One of my go-to afternoon snacks is decaf protein coffee. SO good. Put one scoop of protein into your hot coffee, use a hand frother to mix everything. It’s the BEST.


I am switching things up for breakfast, so I made some quick veggie and turkey egg muffins. These have zucchini, yellow squash, goat cheese, turkey, mushrooms, eggs, and egg whites. SO delicious. I froze half, which will be perfect for our breakfast next week.


Another delicious smoothie for dinner and a few episodes of Designated Survivor.


When you decide to go on a little walk and it is super windy out…ALL the crazy hair…


Pre-run coffee is a must for me!

We all sat outside and sipped on coffee after our 8 miles this morning. It was WONDERFUL. The weather was perfect. I loved starting my morning this way!


Well, these egg muffins are delicious. I inhaled this breakfast after my run.


Happy Friday Eve, friends!

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