A little date night + too much cheetah? + weekend fun!

This is one of Lu’s favorite spots to sprawl out. It’s all fun and games until a squirrel runs by and she loses it…she might be small, but her barks are LOUD.


This chicken salad has been delicious all week for lunch. I think next week we will have a taco pasta with my favorite Banza chickpea pasta.


Jake saw my friend, Brittany, running Thursday afternoon. They had to selfie to document it. This text cracked me up!


I spent the day working on my computer, then took a snack break. I was STARVING all day yesterday. I love this snack: lunch meat, pickles, and a rice cake. I like the wrap the pickle in a piece of lunch meat and eat everything that way. SO good.


Jake and I were both ready for good craft beer by 1PM, HA, so we made plans to go to Tie and Timber when he got home from work.


Please excuse the spots on this mirror…I cannot get them off. How much cheetah is too much? Cheetah ring, cheetah phone case from Loopy, and cheetah kimono…Remember, you can get 10% off a Loopy case with the code trailsandtruckers! It’s my all-time favorite case.


My hair gets crazy when it’s humid…I rarely wear it down in the summer because it’s just out of control. If you have curly hair, let me know your humidity secrets!


We took the girls with us to Tie and Timber for a couple beers, then we grabbed dinner from the Skully’s food truck. It was delicious. We both got Wok Bowls.


We were home by 8, just in time to watch an episode of Designated Survivor.


The girls and I got some good cuddles in this morning while it stormed. I love storms, especially when I don’t have to leave the house.


Breakfast this morning was more egg muffins and a piece of GF toast with jam. YUM.


Today is my LAST Friday of the school year, which is crazy to me. This year flew by and definitely ended in a strange way…

I have 15 miles in the morning, which I am excited about! 13.1 of those miles will be our virtual Bentonville half marathon that was canceled back in April. It’s supposed to storm, so I hope it holds off long enough for us to get our miles in. I am ready for some nicer weather!

Happy Friday, friends!

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  1. Leslie King

    Chelsea, I do not have curly hair, but I use hair products from a New York-based company called Hairstory. Check out their site and look at the Hair Balm. They are on Instagram and FB, too. I think you might be impressed with what the Hair Balm does with curls/humidity. I’ve not used any other product since I’ve found them. Before the pandemic, I was a 2-mile per day swimmer. Their hair wash saved me. Best customer service ever, too.

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