Weekend Wrap-up!

This weekend FLEW by – it was full of delicious food, a virtual race, and a productive Sunday! Friday morning started a little slow – we worked from bed, which was super relaxing – these two loved it.


At one point, Rhea moved over to my leg and put it between her two front paws. She then passed out. It was precious. She is such a sweet girl.


I spent the morning on my computer, then took a little break for lunch. I polished off our chicken salad, which I threw into a wrap, and had a salad on the side. I have been using a new dairy-free almond cheese and it is DELICIOUS.


This made me laugh. Super hard.


Both of our Moms like gin, so Jake picked this up for Mother’s Day. I have never been a huge gin fan, but oh my gosh – this is crazy good. I have been mixing it with Lemon Bubly and it is super refreshing. If you like gin, or are on the fence about gin, give this a try.


Dinner Friday was leftover spaghetti.


Followed by a little treat of mini marshmallows and chocolate chips.


In April, my running gal pals and I were supposed to run the Bentonville half-marathon. It was canceled, but we had the option to do a virtual race. I made a route for us and we knocked that out Saturday morning. It was fun! It rained on us the entire time, and by the end, my legs were toast, but I ended with 15 miles for the day, which was the perfect excuse to lounge on the couch for most of the day. HA!


So thankful these girls were with me!


I sat down the second my watch hit 15 miles. I was whooped. It took all my strength to get off my driveway and go into the house…


After my run, I showered, chowed down on some leftover fried rice, then spent lots of time on the couch cuddling my girls…sometimes they were for the cuddles and sometimes they were against…ya win some, ya lose some.


Dinner Saturday was spent at one of our favorite places – Cesar’s Old Mexico. YUM. MY friend, Adrienne, who I have known since kindergarten, went with us and we had a blast. Cesar’s has two of my favorite drinks – sangria and a champagne margarita. Sooo, I had to get both.



I had a sope and a pupusa for dinner – I forgot to take a picture of the sope, but here is the pupusa. Both were delicious!


Also, check out these adorable $5 earrings from Walmart! I love them. They’re the Time & Tru brand and they’re super lightweight, which I love. Highly recommend. t


We slept in a little bit on Sunday, then got some good cuddles before getting out of bed. Jake was out running, so the girls took over his spot in bed.


I woke up kind of grumpy Sunday. I didn’t feel like doing anything, so I allowed myself to lounge in bed and sip on some coffee for an hour, then I went to the grocery store to get groceries for the week. When I finished at the store, I knew a run would help my mood, so I threw on my running shoes and knocked out 3 miles in the sunshine. It was wonderful.



After my run, I had lunch with Jake, then we took the girls on a walk, then went on a walk just the two of us .


After our walk, Jake mowed and worked in the yard, and I meal prepped and did laundry. Lunches for this week are taco pasta – Banza chickpea pasta, ground turkey, corn, black beans, and green chiles. It’s delicious!


Here are the ingredients and nutritional information for the taco pasta. I added in some garlic powder, onion powder, black pepper, and a little taco seasoning. I topped Jake’s with cheese and salsa.

This graphic explains my life. I used to dislike plants…now I am slightly obsessed….


Dinner Sunday night – salmon burgers and salad. YUM. If you aren’t putting pickles AND sweet relish on your salmon patty, are you even living? I say no.


Today is the LAST Monday of the school year – Thursday is our official last day. I can’t believe it. Things have definitely ended in a way that no one ever saw coming, but I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that today is the last Monday of the school year…and my last Monday with Springfield Public Schools. Wow.

Happy Monday, friends!

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